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Minutes/Edina City Council/Tanuary 2,2007 <br /> APPEAL OF HERITAGE PRESERVATION BOARD DECISION OF DECEMBER 7 2006 <br /> PORTION APPROVED - 4608 BRUCE AVENUE Associate Planner Repya explained the <br /> decision of the Heritage Preservation Board had been appealed regarding the issuance of an <br /> amendment to the original Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) in the historic Country Club <br /> District issued March 2006. She stated last March, the Board approved a COA for demolition <br /> of a house and construction of a new two-story home at 4608 Bruce Avenue. Plans for the <br /> home were an English cottage-style structure with an attached two-car garage on the rear <br /> walk-out. The home was planned to have composite wood-like siding with stone accents. <br /> However, in the fall the buyer of the home requested changes of JMS Custom Homes, the <br /> developer, replacing the shakes with manufactured stone as well as changes to the location, <br /> size and shape of some of the windows. In November and December, the Heritage <br /> Preservation Board reviewed and approved the changes as follows: Front (east) second floor, <br /> left side of the south window stone was removed and replaced by shakes, front door <br /> threshold was dropped by approximately two feet by cutting a small portion of the <br /> foundation at the stoop, front door to be 8 feet instead of 7 feet; South Side: Stone replacing <br /> shakes and Hardi-board panel on the first floor and walk-out levels; window sizes changes <br /> and placement realigned; North side: window sizes changed on east and west sides, Hardi- <br /> board panel removed below center window on west side; Rear (west side): cantilever <br /> provided for direct vent gas fireplace, windows added to second story and walk-out, <br /> window size reduced above fireplace cantilever, windows on walk-out below fireplace <br /> cantilever reduced from 3 feet to 2 feet. <br /> Ms. Repya said neighbors appealed the Heritage Preservation Board's decision, expressing <br /> concern with use of manufactured stone in a historic district. Ms. Repya introduced Edina's <br /> consultant, Robert Vogel who addressed the Council questions relative to the requested <br /> amendment to the Certificate of Appropriateness. Mr. Vogel said that when the Historic <br /> overlay was originally proposed, the manufactured stone he was proposing not be allowed in <br /> the district was very different than what was being proposed at 4608 Bruce. Council <br /> discussed the various aspects of the project with staff. Concerns included the change of <br /> location, size and shape of the window, the protruding Juliet balcony, and the durability of <br /> the manufactured stone as well as its protrusion into the driveway. Some members also <br /> expressed concerns with the width of the driveway and its placement relative to the <br /> proposed product. <br /> Andy Porter, JMS Builders, reviewed the proposed changes to the Certificate of <br /> Appropriateness and stated in his opinion the manufactured stone would be an upgrade to <br /> the home. He said he believed it would be similar to natural stone. <br /> Public Comment <br /> Dan and Cheryl Dulas, 4609 Bruce Avenue, made a presentation on behalf of the neighbors <br /> outlining their concerns and reasons for the appeal of the amendment to the Certificate of <br /> Appropriateness. <br /> Joanne Farley, 4615 Bruce Avenue, outlined her concerns and presented a sample of the <br /> proposed manufactured stone along with her findings of the stone's durability. <br /> Page 2 <br />