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Minutes/Edina City Council/February 20,2007 <br /> Motion carried. <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 2007-03 ADOPTED, AMENDING SECTION 850 OF EDINA CITY CODE <br /> REGARDING VARIANCE DENIALS Affidavits of Notice were presented approved and <br /> ordered placed on file. <br /> Mr. Teague explained there have been cases where a resident had a variance denied by the <br /> Zoning Board of Appeals, which consists of rotating members, and they resubmitted the same <br /> application to a "different" board just weeks or days later. He said the proposed amendment <br /> would require an applicant not resubmit within twelve months of a denial unless new evidence <br /> or a change of circumstances warrant resubmission. <br /> Member Masica made a motion, seconded by Member Housh to close the public hearing. <br /> Rollcall: <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Housh, Masica,Swenson,Hovland <br /> Motion carried. <br /> Member Masica made a motion to adopt Ordinance No. 2007-03, Amending Section 850 of <br /> Edina City Code Regarding Variance Denials with waiver of second reading. Member Bennett <br /> seconded the motion. <br /> Rollcall: <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Housh, Masica, Swenson,Hovland <br /> Motion carried. <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 2007-29 APPROVING PRELIMINARY PLAT FOR HAUGLAND <br /> COMPANY - 5000 FRANCE AVENUE Affidavits of Notice were presented approved and <br /> ordered placed on file. <br /> Mr. Teague explained Gene Haugland, developer, was proposing a preliminary plat for the final <br /> development approved at 50th and France by council in May of 2005. He explained the plat would <br /> create tracts for the various uses and elevations within the project. Mr. Teague said the plat <br /> would be similar to a townhome plat that occurs after a structure has been built so tracts can be <br /> accurately surveyed. He reported the Planning Commission, on January 31, 2007, unanimously <br /> recommended approval of the proposed preliminary plat. Mr. Teague suggested one condition <br /> be placed on the approval: the tracts for the elevators may not be sold to anyone other than Mr. <br /> Haugland or the Condominium Association or their successors. <br /> Member Swenson made a motion to close the public hearing seconded by Member Bennett. <br /> Rollcall: <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Housh, Masica,Swenson, Hovland <br /> Motion carried. <br /> Gene Haugland, developer, answered questions of Council regarding exterior materials of the <br /> development. <br /> Member Swenson introduced Resolution No. 2007-29 Approving Preliminary Plat for <br /> Haugland Company - 5000 France Avenue with the condition that the individual elevator <br /> tracts may only be sold to Gene Haugland, the Condominium Association or their successors. <br /> Member Housh seconded the motion. <br /> Page 3 <br />