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Minutes/Edina City Council/March 20,2007 <br /> Council the Scouts were in attendance working on their Citizenship and Communication <br /> Merit Badges. <br /> I <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 2007-43 ADOPTED ACCEPTING FEASIBILITY REPORT AND <br /> ORDERING IMPROVEMENT NO. BA-340 - TODD PARK ROADWAY Affidavits of <br /> Notice were presented approved and ordered placed on file. <br /> Engineer Houle disclosed that he was a resident of the Todd Park neighborhood living at <br /> 4532 Parkside Lane. He introduced Assistant Engineer Sullivan who would make the project <br /> presentation and answer questions. <br /> Mr. Sullivan, using graphics and a power point presentation reviewed the proposed <br /> improvement project including the replacement of curb and gutter, storm sewer improvements, <br /> total reconstruction of the roadway and utility work where necessary. Mr. Sullivan said the <br /> proposed improvement would have a total estimated cost of $2,625,000 with funding coming <br /> from a combination of special assessments, $1,715,000 and the various utility funds, $910,000. <br /> Council discussion included the need for the improvement, traffic study in the area, proposed <br /> traffic calming, benefits of improved storm water system, necessary utility improvements, and <br /> timing of the improvement and construction management of the project within the <br /> neighborhood. <br /> Public Comments <br /> Questions and concerns were voiced by the following residents; Kathy Wasescha, 5348 <br /> Hollywood Road; Virgil Mylan, 5234 Hollywood Road; Joan Scott, 5309 Hollywood Road; <br /> Caroline Bisson, 5340 Hollywood Road; Donn Sjolander, 4540 Vandervork; Lynn <br /> Teschendorf, 5305 Hollywood Road; Nancy Hall, 4501 Parkside Lane; Gary Rooney, 5224 <br /> Hollywood Road; Kathleen Carter, 4500 Vandervork; Ian Biss, 4801 Rutledge Avenue; Brad <br /> Case, 4500 Rutledge Avenue; Tom Prohofsky, 4821 Rutledge Avenue; John Purdum, 4540 <br /> Rutledge Avenue; Katherine Perkins, 483 Rutledge Avenue; Richard Flumerfelt, 5225 <br /> Division Street; and Karl Henkelmann, 4840 Rutledge. The objections and concerns included: <br /> financial hardship on residents caused by special assessments, opposition to curb and gutter <br /> and sidewalk, objections to methodology of survey regarding sidewalk, what method would <br /> be employed to calculate assessments, concerns for pedestrian safety especially near <br /> proposed traffic calming bump outs, request for a STOP sign on Division Street, request to <br /> bury utility cables when project completed, residents will not be able to get riding lawn <br /> mower over curb, placement of sewer grates, roadway alignment, and need to improve <br /> drainage in area. <br /> Member Housh made a motion, seconded by Member Swenson to close the public <br /> hearing. <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Housh, Masica,Swenson, Hovland <br /> Motion carried. <br /> Member Housh made a motion introducing Resolution No. 2007-43 accepting the <br /> feasibility report for Improvement No. BA-340 Todd Park Roadway Improvement, <br /> ordering the improvement and authorizing the City Engineer to prepare plans and <br /> Page 2 <br />