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Minutes/Edina City Council/March 20, 2007 <br /> specifications and advertise for bids. The sidewalk on Hollywood Road will be reviewed <br /> at a later date. Member Swenson seconded the motion. <br /> Rollcall: <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Housh, Masica, Swenson, Hovland <br /> Motion carried. <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 2007-44 APPROVING FINAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN - 7380 <br /> FRANCE AVENUE SOUTH (TOM MILLER) Affidavits of Notice were presented approved <br /> and ordered placed on file. <br /> Planner Teague reviewed the request before the Council for Final Development Plan for 7380 <br /> France Avenue South. He demonstrated the proposed redevelopment of a 25,000 square foot, <br /> two-level office building with a 44,400 square foot, three story office building. Mr. Teague <br /> noted the building would have an underground parking ramp accessed off France Avenue in <br /> the northeast corner of the lot. He noted the redevelopment met all requirements of Edina's <br /> Code. <br /> Mr. Teague reported that the Planning Commission at their February 28, 2007, meeting <br /> recommended the Council approve the final development plan. He added staff also <br /> recommended approval of the final development plan with the following conditions: <br /> 1. Subject to staff approval, the site must be developed and maintained in substantial <br /> conformance with the following plans, unless modified by the conditions below: <br /> a. Site plan date stamped February 7, 2007 <br /> b. Grading plan date stamped February 7, 2007 <br /> c. Landscaping plan date stamped February 7, 2007 <br /> d. Building elevations date stamped February 7, 2007 <br /> 2. All minimum landscaping requirements of the zoning ordinance must be met; <br /> 3. Submittal of final grading and utility plans at the time of building permit application, <br /> subject to review and approval of the city engineer; <br /> 4. The property owner was responsible for replacing any required landscaping that dies. <br /> Council discussed the proposed development and asked questions of staff regarding green <br /> space, location of the sidewalk on the site and traffic. Mr. Teague answered all questions and <br /> deferred to the developer regarding traffic. <br /> Bruce Knutson, 3906 York Avenue South, displayed the proposed landscaping for the project <br /> and answered questions regarding the traffic study conducted for the proposed <br /> redevelopment. <br /> Public Comment <br /> John Bohan, 800 Coventry Place, questioned water run off if did not percolate from the tank <br /> through the sand. <br /> Member Masica made a motion, seconded by Member Swenson to close the public <br /> hearing. <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Housh, Masica, Swenson, Hovland <br /> Page 3 <br />