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MINUTES <br /> OF THE WORK SESSION OF THE <br /> EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br /> AUGUST 7, 2007 <br /> 5:00 P.M. <br /> Mayor Hovland called the meeting to order at 5:00 P.M. in the Community Room of <br /> Edina City Hall. Answering rollcall were: Members Bennett, Masica, Swenson and <br /> Mayor Hovland. Member Housh was absent. Present from the Planning Commission <br /> were: Members Brown and Fischer. Staff present included: Gordon Hughes, City <br /> Manager; Roger Knutson, Heather Worthington, Assistant City Manager, City <br /> Attorney; Cary Teague, Planning Director; Wayne Houle, City Engineer, Jack Sullivan, <br /> Assistant City Engineer, Jennifer Bennerotte, Marketing & Communications Director; <br /> and Debra Mangen, City Clerk. Consultants in attendance were Dan Cornejo, Cornejo <br /> Consulting, Pete Langworthy and Chuck Rickart WSB & Associates, Inc. and Donavan <br /> Hart from URS. <br /> Mayor Hovland said the purpose of the special work session was to review issues <br /> relating to the Comprehensive Plan Update. <br /> Mr. Cornejo outlined the work done on the 2008 Comprehensive Plan Update and <br /> presented the findings of the staff and the Planning Commission members who have <br /> been working on the project. He stated that a comprehensive plan was a broad <br /> statement of community goals and policies that direct the orderly and coordinated <br /> physical development of a city into the future. He noted such a plan would anticipate <br /> change, guide actions and reflect the results of citizen involvement, technical analysis <br /> and decision-makers' judgments. <br /> Mr. Cornejo explained the Planning Commission had delegated work on the Plan <br /> Update to a Task Force of their members. This included Michael Fisher, Steve Brown, <br /> Michael Schroeder, Kevin Staunton, and John Lonsbury. He reported the group <br /> working with himself and Ms. Worthington had enlisted the aid of other consultants <br /> from WBS and URS to complete the update. <br /> Mr. Cornejo said citizen involvement included a Kick-off Community meeting held <br /> December 4, 2006, a Community Workshop on March 21, 2007, numerous community <br /> "listening sessions", a developer focus group, citizen comment cards (both hard copy <br /> and through Edina's website), as well as review with the Transportation Commission, <br /> Park Board, Human Rights and Relations Commission, Bike Edina Task Force and the <br /> Heritage Preservation Board. He noted the next phase of citizen involvement would <br /> come during the August 23, 27, 28, and 30, 2007 Quadrant meetings scheduled to allow <br /> citizen input. Mr. Cornejo said he anticipated the draft Plan would be completed <br /> sometime in October to November and at that time Public Hearings could be held. <br />