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MINUTES <br /> JOINT EDINA SCHOOL BOARD AND EDINA CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br /> HELD TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24,2007 <br /> AT EDINA COMMUNITY CENTER <br /> Edina School Board Chair Peyton Robb welcomed attendees and asked everyone to introduce <br /> themselves. Attending for the Edina City Council were Members Bennett, Housh, Masica, Swenson <br /> and Mayor Hovland. Edina School Board Members in attendance were Board Members Brian <br /> Hedberg, Bert Ledder, Randy Meyer, Jeff Johnson, Colleen Feige and Chair Peyton Robb. Edina <br /> School District Staff included: Ric Dressen, Superintendent; Doug Johnson, Director of Community <br /> Education Services &Community Relations;Jay Willemssen, Director of Business Services;and Chace <br /> Anderson, Assistant Superintendent. Edina City Staff present: Gordon Hughes, City Manager; Mike <br /> Siitari, Police Chief; Marty Scheerer, Fire Chief; John Keprios, Park & Recreation Director; Cary <br /> Teague, Planning Director; Jennifer Bennerotte, Communications & Marketing Director; Wayne <br /> Houle,Public Works Director&City Engineer;and Debra Mangen,City Clerk. <br /> Board Member Ledder gave a brief update on the October 14, 2007, Open House of the east campus <br /> and invited everyone to attend the event. <br /> Superintendent Dressen along with Doug Johnson and Jay Willemssen gave a brief overview of the <br /> operating levy referendum to be held November 6, 2007. They explained the voters would be asked <br /> to renew an existing operating levy last approved in 1998. State law requires this levy to be renewed <br /> by voters at least every ten years. Voters will also be asked to invest additional funds in Edina School <br /> District. The School Board and Council discussed amount of the referendum, the potential impact on <br /> the property taxes if approved, and the potential impact on the school district budget if the <br /> referendum does not pass. <br /> City Manager Hughes explained the Comprehensive Plan revision under way by the City. He said <br /> that during November the City would conduct meetings at five of Edina's elementary schools to <br /> review the draft plan. The Planning Commission plans to hold its Public Hearing on the revised Plan <br /> in January with the City Council receiving it late January or early February. Following receipt by the <br /> City Council, the Draft Plan will be distributed to adjoining cities and school districts for comments, <br /> then come back to the Planning Commission and City Council before being sent to the Metropolitan <br /> Council. Following receipt by the Metropolitan Council there will be an implementation phase of any <br /> needed changes to Edina's ordinances. <br /> Mr. Dressen and Mr. Hughes quickly reviewed: quarterly joint City Staff/School District meetings; <br /> Connecting With Kids, the potential redevelopment of the City Public Works Facility, <br /> Communications,China and the Edina Community Center Neighborhood Meeting. <br /> The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> h.,�RA 0 i�aW4, <br /> Debra Mangen, City C k <br />