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Minutes/Edina City Council/Work Session October 23,2007 <br /> • Building Heights Approach Options <br /> o Refine current, formula based building height zoning <br /> o Establish specific building heights for each area <br /> o Establish building heights and bonus incentives <br /> • Built Form Principals/Guidelines - reviewed photographic examples of each of <br /> the following: <br /> • Buildings frame the street <br /> • Height transition <br /> • Facade articulation <br /> • Variety of building forms <br /> • Transparency and natural surveillance <br /> Following Mr. Pakalns' presentation the Council, Comp Plan Task Force Members, <br /> Consultants and staff discussed the issues surrounding building height regulations. <br /> Included in the discussion were: the seemingly subjective nature of using incentives to <br /> ensure visible impacts, including criteria in code similar to a Planned Use District approach <br /> to height, considering allowing conditional heights based on density bonuses, <br /> developers/property owners view that building height was driven by zoning, how to <br /> develop parking and blend it with development, desire of advisory boards to have <br /> direction from City Council, difficulty that would be encountered if attempt were to be <br /> made to accomplish a development similar to Excelsior & Grand which took years of <br /> planning, how Council could give direction that would encompass all possible <br /> development scenarios, potential for developing different potential scenarios for different <br /> areas, acknowledgement that all the various criteria intertwine with each other, the city <br /> seemed to be moving to a more pedestrian mode, feeling that keeping buildings stepped <br /> back from the street was desirable, perhaps allowing two stories at the street then stepping <br /> up higher in some areas, possibly weaving higher buildings (4 stories) with residential <br /> areas, acknowledging desire from development community for clear direction from City as <br /> to what will be allowed and where it would be allowed. The Council discussed potential <br /> development height scenarios for areas such as the 50th and France, Southdale and the <br /> Promenade, 494 & 100, Gateway Area, 441h & France, 70th & Cahill, and and Wooddale & <br /> Valley View Road. <br /> The Council also briefly discussed the Comprehensive Plan Process as it related to public <br /> comment period at the scheduled community meetings. Assistant Manager Worthington <br /> assured the Council time would be allowed for public comment at each meeting. <br /> Mayor Hovland declared the meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> De'bra IVY,ngen, City Clerk <br />