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Minutes/Edina City Council/December 18,2007 <br /> Plan. Approval of the Preliminary Development Plan would not guarantee approval of the <br /> next steps. <br /> 2. Overall Development Plan - Overall Development Plan would be the official <br /> approval/denial state of the project. It would include official action on the comprehensive <br /> guide plan amendment,and the rezoning. <br /> 3. Final Development Plan - Each phase of this proposed multiple phase development <br /> would be subject to final site plan review by the planning commission and the city council. <br /> Final development plan would follow the same process as the overall development plan. <br /> Mr. Teague said the first phase of the development would be the hotel, followed by a portion of the senior <br /> housing. The third phase would be more senior housing and a portion of the office towers; the 4th phase <br /> would be more senior housing;and the last phase would finish the senior housing and office towers. <br /> Mr. Teague reported the Planning Commission recommended approval of the Preliminary Development <br /> Plan subject to the following conditions on an 8-1 vote. <br /> 1. The Overall Development Plan must be generally consistent with approved Preliminary <br /> Development Plan dated September 28,2007,and revised October 4,2007. <br /> 2. Sustainable design. The design and construction of the entire project must be done with the <br /> Sustainable Initiatives as outlined in the applicant's narrative. <br /> 3. Trail and sidewalk connections must be included as demonstrated and public easements must be <br /> established over all public sidewalks. <br /> 4. Dedication of a right-of-way to straighten out the curve at 77th Street and Parklawn(this area of <br /> easement would be subject to approval of the City Engineer). <br /> 5. The easternmost entrance off of 77th Street into the senior housing development must be <br /> designed as a shared entrance(with the golf course). <br /> 6. The four-story senior independent buildings that face 77th street must be designed so as not to <br /> appear as the back side of buildings. <br /> 7. All traffic mitigation measures as required by the Transportation Commission and traffic study <br /> must be followed. <br /> 8. The directional flows of the sanitary system must be resolved prior to any construction of the <br /> project. <br /> 9. The developer/applicant would be responsible to pay their fair share of any mitigation <br /> measures that would be required as part of an approval of the overall development plan for the <br /> site. <br /> 10. All buildings must be built with sprinkler systems, subject to review and approval of the Fire <br /> Marshall. <br /> 11. Buildings at 4970 West 77th Street shall be limited to 4 stories or 50 feet, whichever would be <br /> less,and must maintain a 50 foot setback from the rear lot line. <br /> 12. Convenience gasoline stations and drive-through windows shall be prohibited on the north side <br /> of 77th Street. <br /> 13. Compliance with all of the conditions outlined in the City Engineer's memo dated November 20, <br /> 2007. <br /> The Council asked questions including: was the parking as proposed for the site adequate, with Barr <br /> Engineering excluded from the re-development could the requested rezoning then be considered spot <br /> zoning the Barr site; why were the existing Medical Office Building and Burgundy Place included in the <br /> re-development proposal, what heights would be allowed in the various MDD zoning districts, why was <br /> the MDD-6 district being suggested, how would the senior housing vs. market housing be preserved. <br /> Following staff's answers to Council questions,the proponent was introduced. <br /> Jim Nelson, Wayzata Properties, 7790 Lochmere Terrace, stated he was the developer and was excited <br /> about the proposed project. Mr. Nelson said the first phase of the project would include the hotel which <br /> would be a Starwood business traveler hotel. He also said senior housing would be a part of the first <br /> phase, but at this time they were not sure which operator would be running the housing. Mr. Nelson <br /> Page 2 <br />