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MINUTES <br /> OF THE TOWN HALL MEETING OF THE <br /> EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br /> HELD AT CITY HALL <br /> JANUARY 27, 2009 <br /> 11:30 A.M. <br /> ROLLCALL Answering rollcall were Members Bennett, Brindle, Housh and Mayor Hovland. <br /> Member Swenson was absent. <br /> Mayor Hovland thanked persons for attending. He explained this was the first of what the Edina <br /> City Council hoped would be biannual Town Hall Meetings hosted by the Edina City Council. He <br /> noted that residents had been asked to complete a card stating their name, address and topic and <br /> he would be calling residents to speak by name. Each speaker would be allowed to have three <br /> minutes to speak on any issue or concern they wished to express. <br /> Charles Hughes, 6136 Brookview Avenue, expressed concern about the negative impact the <br /> installation of an electric pole had on the property at 6145 Oaklawn Avenue. <br /> Janey Westin, 6136 Brookview Avenue, presented ideas about the City utilizing the benefits of <br /> solar election and hot water heat on roof tops and she presented her concerns over the <br /> preservation of trees, particularly old growth trees. Ms. Westin presented photos and tree <br /> preservation ordinances from Lake Forest, Illinois, and Minnetonka, Minnesota. Ms. Westin spoke <br /> a second time and shared an anecdote about Mr. T purchasing a property in Lake Forest and <br /> clear-cutting the land. More than just trees should be considered; when preservation was <br /> reviewed, the entire environment should be considered. <br /> Addie Fitzsimmons, 5025 Yvonne Terrace, stated the Sun Current was not always received by <br /> her, and she noted difficulty getting needed information from City staff, lack of privacy when <br /> making a complaint at City Hall and her experience with an Edina Ambulance crew. <br /> Dick Whitbeck, 6128 Brookview Avenue, expressed concern over a construction matter that would <br /> be heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals. He encouraged people to attend the meeting. <br /> Sandy Fox, 5801 West 68th Street, expressed concern over the maintenance of Edina's residential <br /> streets and their overall decline. She asked how street reconstruction and maintenance were <br /> prioritized and noted the streets in her neighborhood were in poor shape. <br /> Bruce Kieffer, 5404 Edenmoor Street, suggested that all flat roofs in Edina be required to be <br /> green. He also questioned what plans if any the City had for providing Wi-Fi internet services. <br /> Mayor Hovland responded. <br /> Marie Anderegg, 5848 Creek Valley Road, asked how the City of Edina interacted with other <br /> organizations to collaborate on projects directly affecting the Edina community, such as Nine Mile <br /> Creek Watershed District or Three Rivers Park District. Mayor Hovland and Member Bennett <br /> responded. <br /> Wayne Dvorak, 5840 Kellogg Avenue, suggested that City employees not be given wage <br /> . <br /> increases and that there could be staff cuts to more efficiently City. He ently run y questioned the <br /> need for 31 fire fighters. <br /> Jane Fuegner, 5225 Kellogg Avenue, thanked the Council for listening to the community when <br /> drafting the update to the City's Comprehensive Plan and suggested that the Council consider a <br /> Point of Sale inspection program. Ms. Fuegner spoke a second time asking questions about a <br /> home sale inspection program. Manager Hughes responded. <br /> Page 1 <br />