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Minutes/Edina City Council/January 27, 2009 <br /> Lonni Skrentner, 5551 Village Drive, questioned the process followed in making appointments to <br /> the various advisory boards, commissions and committees. Ms. Skrentner stated she had liked the <br /> process instigated in 2008 and was disappointed that a different practice would be followed in <br /> 2009. <br /> Chris Rofidal, 5037 West 56th Street, Chair of the Edina Heritage Preservation Board, noted that <br /> the stringent attendance policy codified by the Council in 2008 cost his board a very good <br /> member. He suggested that room for concessions based upon circumstances be allowed. Mr. <br /> Rofidal encouraged investigation of whether web based or conference call attendance could be <br /> possible. <br /> Jan Ferrell, 4704 West 70th Street, asked why Improvement Project BA313 West 70th and Metro <br /> Boulevard had not been built. Ms. Ferrell noted the road had been through many design iterations <br /> and expressed concern that it has not been reconstructed and had been moved back to the 2009 <br /> Mill and Overlay Project. <br /> Jim Grotz, 5513 Park Place, stated he had signed a petition for an improvement project in his <br /> neighborhood in 2006. He said that he understood the project would not be constructed until 2010 <br /> and asked how the decisions were made for when projects were constructed. Mr. Grotz said <br /> politics should not be involved in such decisions and suggested that some type of board could be <br /> used. ` <br /> Jennifer Janovy, 4016 Inglewood Drive, presented a letter to the City Council from the <br /> Morningside Neighborhood Association with handwritten comments by residents gathered during <br /> their winter party. <br /> Dick Whitbeck, 6128 Brookview Avenue, requested that meetings of the Zoning Board of Appeals <br /> be videotaped and broadcast so citizens could view the proceedings. <br /> Clara Englebert, 6313 Ashcroft Lane, requested that the City consider developing a performing <br /> arts venue outside of the theaters in the Edina Public Schools. <br /> Mayor Hovland declared the meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> Debra A. Mangen, City C1 erk <br /> I <br /> Page 2 <br />