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Minutes/Edina City Council/March 17, 2009 <br /> Judy Dugan Olson, 5516 Dundee Road, addressed the Council. <br /> Mark Kerekes, 5517 Dundee Road, addressed the Council. <br /> Nancy Imholte, 5528 Mirror Lakes Drive, readdressed the Council. <br /> Scott Reich, 5517 Chantrey Road, addressed the Council. <br /> The Council asked questions of staff about the Senior Citizen Deferral Program. <br /> Marshall Schwartz, 5528 Dundee Road, addressed the Council. <br /> Member Housh made a motion, seconded by Member Swenson, to close the public hearing. <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Brindle, Housh, Swenson, Hovland <br /> Motion carried. <br /> The Council asked questions of consultant Jonathan North, Ehlers & Associates and staff while they <br /> discussed the financing of the project. <br /> Member Housh introduced and moved adoption of Resolution No. 2009-30, ordering <br /> Improvement No. BA-356 Mirror Lakes Neighborhood Street Reconstruction. Member Swenson <br /> seconded the motion. <br /> Rollcall: <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Housh, Swenson, Hovland <br /> Nays: Brindle <br /> Motion carried. <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 2009-31 ADOPTED ORDERING NEIGHBORHOOD STREET <br /> RECONSTRUCTION — SOUTH GARDEN ESTATES NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENT NO. BA- <br /> 358 Affidavits of Notice presented and ordered placed on file. <br /> Assistant Engineer Presentation <br /> Mr. Sullivan presented the feasibility study for the South Garden Estates Neighborhood Street <br /> Reconstruction Project. He stated the overall project cost was estimated at $1,280,500, which <br /> included City-owned utility repairs. Mr. Sullivan explained roadway costs in the amount of $815,500 <br /> would be funded from special assessments. He noted each property would be assessed one REU <br /> (Residential Equivalent Unit) in the estimated amount of $9,000. Mr. Sullivan advised that seven <br /> properties had either a side or back yard abutting the improvement and would be assessed at one <br /> third of the standard REU or$3,000. All City-owned utility repairs in the amount of$465,000 would be <br /> funded from respective utility funds. He presented the project schedule and stated staff had analyzed <br /> the project, felt it was necessary, cost-effective, and feasible from an engineering standpoint. <br /> The Council asked questions of staff and discussed the project. <br /> Mayor Hovland opened the public hearing at 8:28 p.m. <br /> Public Testimony <br /> Don Gjevre, 7016 West Shore Drive, addressed the Council. <br /> Kathy Nelson, 7117 West Shore Drive, addressed the Council. <br /> James Jensen, 4529 Belvedere Lane, addressed the Council. <br /> Russell Nelson, 7117 West Shore Drive, addressed the Council. <br /> Page 2 <br />