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Minutes/Edina City Council/April 7, 2009 <br /> Member Brindle made a motion, seconded by Member Bennett, to direct staff to examine in <br /> greater detail the establishment of a self-insurance program as per page seven of the <br /> consultant's analysis. Included in the coverage would be: Sewer backup structural damage <br /> and cleanup costs caused by an obstruction or malfunction in city sewer system or <br /> swamping of systems due to problems with city water systems. Excluded from coverage: <br /> costs for which the property owner has been reimbursed or is eligible to be reimbursed by <br /> any homeowner's or other property insurance; damage due to obstructions in the service <br /> line on the homeowner's property; cleaning of rugs, furniture, and personal items; damage <br /> caused as a result of natural flooding events such as excessive rainfall or snow melt <br /> swamping sewer systems; or, claims from February 19th water main break. <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Hovland <br /> Nays: Housh, Swenson, Brindle <br /> Motion failed. <br /> The Council discussed the disposition of the Wooddale Avenue event and asked questions of <br /> Engineer/Public Works Director Houle and Mr. Hughes. <br /> Member Bennett introduced Resolution No. 2009-42 Providing for Reimbursement for <br /> Damages to Residences as a Result of Backup of Sanitary Sewer System by a Surcharge <br /> from Water Main Break. Member Swenson seconded the motion for discussion purposes. <br /> Mr. Hughes read Resolution 2002-12 and the Council discussed the motion on the floor. Mr. <br /> Hughes advised of the process that would be followed to process claims. <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Brindle, Housh, Swenson, Hovland <br /> Motion carried. <br /> PUBLIC COMMENT—COTES POND PETITION ACCEPTED <br /> Bob Mockenhaupt, Long Brake Trail, addressed the Council regarding the poor water quality of <br /> Cotes Pond due to slow stream navigation and high phosphorous loading, and presented a petition <br /> in support of a restoration project. <br /> The Council asked questions of Mr. Mockenhaupt and Mr. Houle. <br /> John Retherford, 7606 Delaney Boulevard, addressed the Council. <br /> Greg Mesna, 5701 Long Brake Trail, addressed the Council. <br /> Fred Green, 5723 Long Brake Trail, addressed the Council. <br /> Ben Steinberg, 5719 Long Brake Trail, addressed the Council. <br /> Alice Kaiser, 7734 Lochmere Terrace, addressed the Council representing neighbors. <br /> Janet Moberg, 5727 Long Brake Trail, addressed the Council. <br /> Member Swenson made a motion, seconded by Member Housh, to accept the petition and <br /> refer the matter to the Engineering Department for report by the first meeting in June, 2009. <br /> Ayes: Bennett, Brindle, Housh, Swenson, Hovland <br /> Motion carried. <br /> The Council agreed with the request of Mayor Hovland to next consider Item V.A., Nine Mile Creek <br /> Regional Trail Presentation. <br /> NINE MILE CREEK REGIONAL TRAIL— UPDATE INFORMATION PRESENTATION RECEIVED <br /> Jonathan Vlaming, Planning Manager for Three Rivers Park District, described the trail history, <br /> Page 2 <br />