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Minutes/Edina City Council/September 22, 2009 <br /> Ruth Rinker, 7100 Metro Boulevard, #203, said she was neutral and perhaps pro trail <br /> development, and urged the Council to consider the entire Edina community when making a <br /> decision on the trail. <br /> Charles Madden, 6524 Creek Drive, said he was concerned about the impact on the adjacent <br /> marsh land if a trail were built. <br /> Charlie Danielson, 6508 Creek Drive, noted the trail will cost money and asked if the facts were <br /> being reviewed by a neutral party before any decision was made. <br /> Ruth Englund, 7100 Metro Boulevard, #123, stated she was concerned about security if a trail <br /> were constructed. <br /> Pamela Johnson, 5505 Valley Lane, stated that she was concerned about mitigation of loss of <br /> wetland and asked how an EAW could be done if an alignment had not been defined. <br /> Walter Meadley, 6420 Nordic Circle, asked if the City were legally obligated to install the trail. He <br /> expressed concern over potential flooding and impact on wildlife. <br /> David Rudick, 5908 Killarney Lane, expressed his concern over parking of trail users. <br /> Pete McCarthy, 6801 Brook Drive, expressed his concern over the potential bike path <br /> development. <br /> Mary Landberg, 5408 Creek View Lane, expressed her concern over the potential regional trail <br /> along Nine Mile Creek and recommended it be located along W. 70th Street. <br /> Bill Joas, 6409 Biscayne Boulevard, expressed his concern that if the trail were installed the Nine <br /> Mile Creek would never be the same and the marshland would be negatively impacted. <br /> David Russell, 6623 Londonderry Drive, expressed concern about the Nine Mile Creek and its <br /> impact on property owners from flooding if the trail were developed. Mr. Russell said he felt the <br /> City would be liable for property damage from any flooding. <br /> Alan Gallagher, 5744 Duncan Lane, asked about who would be required to pay for replacement of <br /> any trail necessary to be repaired due to flooding and how much the city would set aside for <br /> liability for crimes committed by individual coming back on the trail at night. <br /> Andrea Johnson, 5173 Abercrombie Drive, expressed her concern about environmental impact, <br /> flooding, security and suggested the trail be built on 70th Street, not along the Creek. <br /> Lorenzo Tunesi, 4413 Ellsworth Drive, offered his support of the trail along the Creek. He said it <br /> would encourage a "greener" community and stated he had concerns about an on-road trail. <br /> Tim Crain, 4952 Poppy Lane, stated he felt that putting the trail along the creek was not <br /> appropriate. <br /> Tom Moser, 6969 Langford Court, called upon but did not speak. <br /> Alan Holst, 4120 Parklawn Avenue #335, stated there was a need for a bike path in southern <br /> Edina. They were a diverse friendly neighborhood with many bikers and he felt there was a need <br /> to be connected to Richfield east of Highway 100. <br /> Page 2 <br />