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Minutes/Edina City Council/February 21, 2006 <br /> The proposed amendment generally would allow for an increase in intensity and building height <br /> and amend other requirements in the PCD-3 subdistrict. The following comprise the more <br /> significant changes: <br /> FAR Floor Area Ratio) FAR has been defined as the floor area of all buildings on a tract of land <br /> divided by the area of the tract. As to FAR, the ordinance would provide that the maximum <br /> allowable FAR on a tract could increase from the current maximum of 0.5 to 1.0, however, not <br /> more than .75 could comprise non-residential uses with the balance composed of residential uses. <br /> In addition, a "bonus" FAR of .25 would also be allowed for residential units that meet an <br /> "affordability" standard as agreed to by the Edina HRA. <br /> The proposed changes to FAR will have the effect of allowing a general intensification of <br /> commercial uses in the district while providing incentives to include housing, especially <br /> affordable housing in the PCD-3 district. <br /> Mr. Hughes said it was important to note that a number of uses now allowed as permitted <br /> principal use have been reclassified as conditional uses. This will allow greater control by the <br /> City over the approval process for these uses. In particular, any residential use as well as non- <br /> residential uses that exceed an FAR of 0.5 will require conditional use permits. <br /> Mr. Hughes said as previously noted, a distinction would be made in the ordinance between <br /> properties located north of W. 70th Street and those to the south. <br /> BUILDING SETBACK The proposed ordinance would reduce the minimum setbacks from <br /> property lines from 50 feet to 35 feet. The current code requires that the setbacks be increased by <br /> one foot for every foot that height exceeds 50 feet. This requirement was retained in the proposed <br /> code, but only for properties located east of York Avenue, west of France Avenue and south of <br /> W. 70th Street. For properties between York and France, setbacks would be reduced to 1/3 foot <br /> for each foot of height in excess of 50 feet. This change effectively permits taller buildings in the <br /> core of the Southdale Area as discussed in the Southdale Area Study. The proposed ordinance <br /> also provides that the City will consider exceptions to the setback requirements in order to <br /> encourage a closer relationship between storefronts and streetscapes. <br /> As noted above, a distinction would be made in the ordinance between properties located north <br /> of W. 70th Street and those to the south. <br /> MAXIMUM HEIGHT The current code does not provide for a maximum building height in PCD- <br /> 3. In that the aforementioned setback revisions will accommodate taller structures, we felt it <br /> advisable to provide an over arching maximum. Twenty stories are suggested for the area <br /> between France and York and four stories is suggested for the area east of York and west of <br /> France. Current requirements for the area south of W. 70th Street are unchanged. <br /> TDM REQUIREMENT The proposed ordinance requires the preparation of a travel demand <br /> management plan as part of the approval process for new office buildings in PCD-3. Given the <br /> peak hour travel characteristics of office buildings, it was felt that this would be an important <br /> element of the approval process. <br /> Page 3 <br />