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Minutes/Edina City Council/March 21,2006 <br /> were approved. Mr. Lillehaug noted the questionnaire inquired if curb and gutter, sidewalks or <br /> decorative street lighting would be desirable by the residents. Results showed that 63% of residents <br /> favored curb and gutter; however decorative lighting and sidewalks were not favored by all. Cost of <br /> the project, inconvenience, noise, and the possible loss of mature trees were also noted on the <br /> questionnaire. <br /> Mr. Lillehaug stated the neighborhood generally has level roads, but was lacking a storm sewer <br /> system, which led to the surface water drainage issues. He explained within the project, sump pump <br /> drain tile would be installed to reduce clean water going into the sanitary sewer system. <br /> Mr. Lillehaug said the project would include: 1) a 28 foot roadway, 2) maintenance of the 31 foot <br /> roadway with the existing curb and gutter, 3) installation of curb and gutter on both sides with spot <br /> repairs of existing curb and gutter needing repairs, and 4) installation of concrete driveway aprons. <br /> He said the project would include utility upgrades to the water system, sanitary system and storm <br /> sewer system, adding staff recommended installing new water services from water mains to curb <br /> boxes and increasing the size of the service up to one inch, new hydrants, and sump pump drain tile. <br /> Mr. Lillehaug reported that based on the questionnaire response, staff was not recommending <br /> decorative lighting or sidewalks. Mr. Lillehaug said staff recommends more clearly defined, standard <br /> intersections in the area. <br /> Mr. Lillehaug said the estimated roadway construction costs were $1,324,000. Funding for roadway <br /> costs will be from a special assessment of approximately $9,800 per residential equivalent unit (REU) <br /> and will be adjusted with the final construction costs with a ten year assessment at 5.9% interest. He <br /> reported the utility improvement estimated costs at approximately $1,200,000 with funding for these <br /> repairs will be funded through the respective utility funds. <br /> Mr. Lillehaug noted the project was analyzed by staff and deemed to be feasible from an engineering <br /> standpoint. <br /> Member Swenson inquired whether or not the cost of the curb and gutter would be funded by the <br /> City. Mr. Lillehaug replied the cost of the curb and gutter was included in the storm sewer portion of <br /> the project. <br /> Public Comment <br /> Donna Montgomery, 6824 Oaklawn Avenue, said she was confused because she thought the street <br /> belonged to the City and all citizens have access to the road so it should be supported by taxes. <br /> Engineer Houle explained that local roadways have no funding mechanism so when streets were in <br /> need of reconstruction, historically; Edina has used Minnesota Statute 429 Improvements and funded <br /> the reconstruction, through special assessments to the benefited property. <br /> Kevin Bennett, 4520 Laguna Drive, stated he wanted decorative street lighting brought up again. He <br /> asked for a more long-term approach to the project and stated that safety was very important to him. <br /> Mr. Bennett said he would support lighting as an improvement to safety and asked that the <br /> possibility of moving electrical underground be investigated. <br /> Jake Vander Zanden, 4505 Balfanz Road, stated he concurred with Mr. Bennett that sidewalks would <br /> improve safety. He would also support safety lighting. Member Masica suggested staff clarify <br /> overhead lighting vs. decorative street lighting. Mr. Houle said the lighting proposed for the project <br /> was decorative in nature and was not intended for safety lighting. Mr. Lillehaug added that the <br /> feasibility study showed proposed decorative street lighting and the existing street lighting. Using a <br /> Page 2 <br />