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Minutes/Edina City Council/Tune 20,2006 <br /> Ms. Aaker indicated all the improvements to the property comply with the City's ordinances <br /> except for the driveway width. She added if the detached garage were approved, all new <br /> construction in the Country Club area would require the Heritage Preservation Board's approval. <br /> i <br /> Steven Grimshaw, 701 4th Avenue South, Suite 300, Minneapolis, representing Mr. Miller said he <br /> would explain why Mr. Miller believes his hardship has been met. Mr. Grimshaw said he <br /> observed upon traveling the neighborhood that there were many garages located in the rear yard <br /> and entered into from the alley. Mr. Grimshaw said the Millers would be amenable to a driveway <br /> width other than 10.5 feet, because they want to get their addition completed. Mr. Grimshaw <br /> said the Miller's could raze and rebuild the home and locate the driveway where they wish but <br /> they have chosen to remodel. <br /> Dan Crome, 2638 42nd Avenue South, St. Cloud, MN, explained the current driveway was at a <br /> 10.5 slope. The proposed driveway would lower the slope significantly because of the greater <br /> length. Because of the topography adjacent to the curb or street, there was no way to get around <br /> the slope without re-designing the whole area. Mr. Crome said the driveway would not be flat <br /> but because of the length there would be a place to park a car without having to immediately <br /> enter the garage. He added that Mr. Miller designed a turn-about for the detached garage site in <br /> the rear yard. <br /> Mayor Hovland asked if run-off from the site has been considered and whether or not the north <br /> side of the lot had been reviewed for placement of a driveway. Mr. Crome said the driveway <br /> could be installed so there would not be any run-off and it was determined that there was <br /> insufficient room on the north lot. Mayor Hovland asked what the hardship was on the proposal. <br /> Mr. Grimshaw responded in the winter the driveway was not safe and barely usable. <br /> Member Masica asked what the width was of the current driveway. Mr. Miller's representatives <br /> replied it was twelve feet wide. <br /> Member Swenson asked if the Heritage Preservation Board has reviewed the proposal. Ms. <br /> Aaker explained it was the staff liaison who would review any new curb cut and driveway <br /> extension, and the Heritage Preservation Board would review the garage as a new structure in <br /> the district after the variance process has been completed. <br /> Member Masica asked if the driveway placement required a variance. Ms. Aaker replied the only <br /> variance necessary was relative to the width of the driveway. <br /> Mayor Hovland asked what was the average driveway width on Drexel. Ms. Aaker replied they <br /> varied between eight to ten feet with double driveways being around twelve feet wide. <br /> Member Hulbert asked if there was a history of granting variances relating to snow. Staff replied <br /> this was the first driveway width variance in many years. <br /> Member Housh asked if the Code regulating the driveway width created after the neighborhood <br /> was built. Ms. Aaker stated that it was created after the neighborhood was finished. <br /> Member Swenson asked if there have been so few requests for driveway lot width variances that <br /> there were no provisions within the code for areas with different driveways widths typically. <br /> Ms. Aaker replied it had not been an issue previously. <br /> Page 2 <br />