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Minutes/Edina City Council/[une 20,2006 <br /> Member Swenson asked if it would be easier to control run off with a "green strip" between the <br /> proponent and neighbor or if there were a "common" driveway. Mr. Crome clarified that he was <br /> not an engineer, but a land surveyor. He said to his knowledge there had not been a grading <br /> plan. He deferred to the City Engineer. Engineer Houle said if the driveway were to be <br /> approved, Edina Engineering would require that a curb be installed along the outer edge of the <br /> driveway to contain all the water coming off their property stopping the spill onto the neighbor's <br /> property. <br /> Member Hulbert asked how this would affect snow storage. Mr. Houle said they must store the <br /> snow on their own property and so would have to move the snow to the rear yard. <br /> Member Masica asked if moving the driveway to the south enhanced safety. Mr. Houle replied <br /> that looking at the issue under Edina Code Section 1205, the lot was eligible for one curb cut. He <br /> said from a safety perspective,he felt if you were facing traffic it was safer than backing up. <br /> Mayor Hovland acknowledged that when driving through the neighborhood, narrow and shared <br /> driveways could be seen, but the difference between those conditions and the request was that <br /> those driveways were already in existence and not a new request for a non- conforming use. He <br /> said he could see the next door neighbor's having a concern about having a new driveway next to <br /> the existing one and taking away the green space. <br /> Public Comment <br /> Dan Delianedis, 4624 Drexel Avenue stated that the Edina Code mandated driveways be twelve <br /> feet in width. He stated he opposed the requested variance, stated his reasons and asked the <br /> requested variance be denied. <br /> Christine Delianedis, 4624 Drexel Avenue, stated that they do not park at the top of their drive, <br /> but rather on the slope. Ms. Delianedis also stated her reasons and opposed the requested <br /> variance. <br /> Marcia Herman,4602 Drexel Avenue, stated her opposition to the requested variance. <br /> Sandy Neal,4623 Drexel Avenue, stated her opposition to the requested variance. <br /> Sharon Fleischmann,4621 Drexel Avenue, stated her opposition to the requested variance. <br /> David Samuelson, 5518 Oliver Avenue South, Minneapolis, representing the proponent Dennis <br /> Miller. He said the new driveway would be built to match the neighboring driveway so there <br /> would not be any safety or elevation changes. He pointed out the error on the plans as <br /> presented. Mr. Samuelson said the hazard for the Millers was that there was no flat spot to park <br /> a car on their existing driveway. He said the proposed driveway would rectify that condition. <br /> Mayor Hovland asked what rules would govern the excavation of the existing sloped driveway <br /> bringing it to near level and then rebuilding the new garage to align with the level driveway. Ms. <br /> Aaker said the rules would not be the zoning ordinance, but rather the building code. Mayor <br /> Hovland asked if the proponent had considered the possibility of excavating the existing <br /> driveway and rebuilding the garage at the lower elevation. Mr. Samuelson said there was no <br /> basement at that location so the house would need to be jacked up, and excavated under the <br /> Page 3 <br />