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Minutes/Edina City Council/iuly 18,2006 <br /> 5. Affordable Housing participation of a minimum of three units; <br /> 6. Intersection and signal operational analysis to be conducted by Applicants and <br /> submitted to the Transportation Commission for review; <br /> 7. Installation of a ten-foot high fence, including gate along the northerly boundary line <br /> between subject site and residential neighbors; and <br /> 8. Cross easement with 4820 and 4930 West 77th Street for shared driveway. <br /> Proponent Presentation <br /> Jim Nelson, Edina Gateway LLC representative, said it was their intention to bring a new <br /> mixed use development to an area showing its age. He said he hoped their redevelopment <br /> met the 'live where you work' concept and also addressed a price point section not well <br /> served in the Edina community. Mr. Nelson explained their condo unit would be marketed <br /> for between $240,000 and $480,000 for units ranging in size from 800 square feet to <br /> approximately 1500 square feet. He added the first floor would serve the area east of <br /> Highway 100 where several offices existed with the various services desired by workers and <br /> residents including such as: coffee shop, sandwich shop, dry cleaners and perhaps a parcel <br /> service. <br /> Mr. Nelson said it was their intent to turn a "C" class building on an "A" class location into <br /> an "A" class building. He said he believed the proposed project would be a good transition <br /> from the offices at Pentagon Park to the residential neighborhoods. Mr. Nelson said the <br /> developer had worked with the neighbors to bring a project forward that was satisfactory to <br /> all stakeholders. He added they will also participate in Edina's Affordable Housing initiative <br /> by offering a minimum of three units as "Affordable Housing". In closing, Mr. Nelson stated <br /> the developer had worked out the cross easements with the neighboring property at 4820 <br /> West 77th Street. <br /> Paul May, Miller Dunwiddie Architecture, used a power point to graphically illustrate the <br /> proposed redevelopment project. He pointed out: <br /> • Location and elevation of the ten foot fence on the north boundary of the property, <br /> • Cross easement's location with the neighboring property owner, <br /> • Exterior design of the proposed building-with recessed balconies, <br /> • Roof garden proposed above the retail floor, <br /> • Proposed landscaping plan, <br /> • Parking both interior and exterior, and <br /> • Site access. <br /> Mr. May displayed samples of the proposed building materials and answered Council's <br /> questions relative to the building design and materials. <br /> The Council discussed with Mr. Nelson and staff the proposed Affordable Housing Units <br /> and potential ways to administer the units. <br /> Mayor Hovland called for public comment. No one appeared to speak. <br /> Page 2 <br />