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MINUTES <br /> JOINT EDINA SCHOOL BOARD AND EDINA CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br /> MONDAY,AUGUST 21, 2006 <br /> 5:00 P.M. <br /> Brian Hedberg, Chair of the Edina School Board, asked attendees to introduce themselves. <br /> Attending were Mayor Hovland and Members Housh, Hulbert, Masica, and Swenson. <br /> Several board members publicly thanked and praised Tom Jenson, Fire Marshal, and Steve <br /> Kirchman, the Building Coordinator, for their work on the Southview/Community Center <br /> project. <br /> Laura Tueting Nelson, Communications Director for the Edina Schools, gave a brief <br /> PowerPoint presentation on the Southview/Community Center project, showing the various <br /> phases of construction, and the new amenities. <br /> Ms. Tueting Nelson explained that most of the project will be complete by the time school <br /> begins the day after Labor Day. Music, theatre, gym, pool, new office and counseling spaces, <br /> along with a new cafeteria, will come online at Southview and the Community Center, as <br /> well as new classroom, music, fitness rooms, and science classrooms at Valley View Middle <br /> School. <br /> Ms. Tueting Nelson gave the following dates for the new buildings: <br /> ♦ August 25th—Instructional spaces at or near occupancy <br /> ♦ August 28th—Staff returns to the buildings <br /> ♦ September 501—First day of school <br /> ♦ October 1st—First day City gyms are open (they are taking reservations for <br /> them now) <br /> The City Council and School Board members discussed coordinating the Grand Opening <br /> event with Southview and the Community Center/City Gyms. <br /> School District staff further explained that future renovations will include the Fick <br /> Auditorium. Mayor Hovland mentioned the need for a community forum venue. Doug <br /> Johnson, Director Edina Community Education Services mentioned there will be more <br /> options with all of the renovations currently underway. <br /> Mayor Hovland raised the issue of a possible bus garage/public works facility. Manager <br /> Hughes explained that finding a site large enough has been challenging; however, keeping in <br /> touch with one another [School District and City of Edina] will ensure that we were able to <br /> keep this, and other issues, on the front burner. Chair Hedberg mentioned that, in his <br /> opinion, the two entities were working very well with each other on this and other issues of <br /> mutual interest. <br /> Mayor Hovland also raised the issue of the ECC Neighborhood. Council Member Swenson <br /> said that she and Council Member Masica had promised that the District and the City would <br /> meet with the neighborhood to discuss scheduling, traffic, parking, and pick-up and drop-off <br />