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Minutes/Edina City CouncilfOctober 17,2006 <br /> Rollcall: <br /> Ayes: Hulbert, Swenson, Housh <br /> Motion carried. <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 2006-95 APPROVING FINAL PLAT FOR MUIR WOODS 5TH <br /> ADDITION - 7108 VALLEY VIEW ROAD Director Teague explained the location of the <br /> proposed plat, and noted that the Council had approved the Preliminary Plat on March 21, <br /> 2006. He said the proposed plat would divide the property into three lots creating one new <br /> lot. Mr. Teague reported the Planning Commission recommended the Council consider <br /> granting the requested plat subject to proof of the shared driveway easement and a <br /> subdivision dedication of $24,000.00. Council briefly discussed the proposed plat with Mr. <br /> Teague. <br /> David Gageby, 7108 Valley View Road, clarified why the plat was being proposed. <br /> Member Swenson made a motion to close the public hearing seconded by Member <br /> Hulbert. <br /> Rollcall: <br /> Ayes: Hulbert, Swenson, Housh <br /> Motion carried. <br /> Member Swenson introduced Resolution No. 2006-95 approving the Final Plat for Muir <br /> Woods 5th Addition at 7108 Valley View Road, conditioned upon collection of subdivision <br /> dedication of $24,000.00 and shared driveway easement. Member Hulbert seconded the <br /> motion. <br /> Rollcall: <br /> Ayes: Hulbert, Swenson, Housh <br /> Motion carried. <br /> CONCERN OF RESIDENTS - No residents appeared to speak. <br /> FIRST READING GRANTED - ORDINANCE NO. 2006-8 - AN ORDINANCE <br /> AMENDING SECTIONS 705, 715, AND 1300 OF THE CITY CODE TO PROVIDE NEW <br /> REQUIREMENTS FOR STORAGE AND PLACEMENT OF REFUSE CONTAINERS <br /> Manager Hughes explained at the October 3, 2006, meeting the Council directed staff to <br /> prepare an ordinance allowing, but not requiring curbside placement of refuse containers <br /> and yard waste containers on collection day. Three sections of the City Code would be <br /> amended, 705, 715 and 1300 to affect the change. Mr. Hughes reported a survey was <br /> completed and the Edina Recycling and Solid Waste Commission recommended amending <br /> Ordinance No. 2006-8. He concluded by saying this would be a permissive ordinance not a <br /> mandatory ordinance <br /> The Council discussed the proposed ordinance. Concerns were expressed over garbage <br /> haulers increasing rates to those persons who could not bring their refuse containers to the <br /> curb. <br /> Page 2 <br />