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Minutes/Edina City Council/Special Meeting August 1,2006 <br /> the annual financial statements capture the best financial scenario because all the City's bills were paid and <br /> the December tax settlement had been received, but the City must wait until July before its next receipt of <br /> taxes so the fund balance would be used to pay expenses. <br /> The Council asked if the proposed reserve included any of the 2005 reserve. Mr. Hughes explained that <br /> approximately$450,000 had been spent and approximately$800,000 remained. <br /> Council discussion of the proposed 2007 Budget included: loss of market value homestead credit, impact of <br /> required increases to the City's contribution to PERA, 2005 reserves one time uses, proposed new positions <br /> for 2006,and update of the Comprehensive Plan. <br /> Human Relations Commission Presentation <br /> Mary Brindle, Chair, Edina Human Relations Commission, reviewed the process the Human Relations <br /> Commission used in arriving at their following recommendations for Human Services Funding: <br /> PROFESSIONAL SERVICES <br /> Senior Community Services $27,800 <br /> Cornerstone 15,100 <br /> VEAP 17,500 <br /> Women In Transition 4,750 <br /> The Bridge $4,000 <br /> Minneapolis Mediation Program 5,000 <br /> Normandale Center $5,000 <br /> The Bridge 5,000 <br /> Store to Door 3,600 <br /> Chrysalis 3,660 $86,350.00 <br /> OPERATIONS <br /> Continuing Education $250 <br /> Dues $200 <br /> Materials $500 <br /> Program/Citizen Participation $800 $1,750.00 <br /> Edina Resource Center $35,061.00 <br /> Research,Planning&Coordination $11,641.00 <br /> The Council thanked the Commission for their work in developing their proposed budget. They also asked <br /> for more detail on the numbers of Edina citizens served by some agencies. Details will be provided to the <br /> Council before final adoption of the 2007 Budget. <br /> Mayor Hovland reminded the Council there would be a Truth in Taxation Hearing in December 2006, and <br /> the Council would adopt the 2007 Budget at its regular meeting later in December 2006. <br /> Motion made by Member Swenson and seconded by Member Housh to close the Year 2007 Budget <br /> Hearing. <br /> Ayes: Housh,Hulbert,Swenson,Hovland <br /> Motion carried. <br /> Mayor Hovland declared the meeting adjourned at 6:50 P.M. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> 1 City Clerk <br />