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W 1. ANDERSON'S <br />o DENOTES IRON MONUMENT <br />Bearings shown are assumed <br />SCALE: I" = 30' <br />BENTON <br />SEPTEMBER, 1959 <br />EGAN, FIELD 8& NOWAK <br />SURVEYORS <br />AVENUE <br />Know all men by these presents that W. 1. Anderson and Buelah I. Anderson, his wife, owners <br />and proprietors of the following described property situate in the State of Minnesota and <br />County of Hennepin towit: Lots 22 and 47, Warden Acres. Have caused the same to be surveyed and <br />platted as W. I. ANDERSON'S ADDITION and do hereby donate and dedicate to the public for public <br />use forever the utility easements as shown on the annexed plat, for use of municipality or other <br />public utilities, for installation and maintenance of facilities installed in and over said <br />easements to serve adjacent or other premises in;the ;vicinity. In witness whereof we have here <br />unto set our hands and seals this day of`1�A.D. 1959. <br />J In Presence of:- <br />Signed:- i <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA) I <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN) S.S. On this `a day of —A.D. A.D. 1959, before me, a Notary <br />Public, personally appeared W. 1. Anderson and Buelah 1. Anderson, his wife, to me known to <br />be the persons described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and they acknowledged <br />that they executed the same as their own free act and deed. <br />Notary Public, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />My commission expires�r'�;�,ha< --4) f� <br />I hereby certify that I have surveyed and platted the property described on this plat as W. 1. <br />ANDERSON'S ADDITION; that this plat is a correct representation of said survey; that all dis- <br />tances are correctly shown in feet and decimals of a foot; that the monuments for guidance of <br />future surveys are correctly placed in the ground as shown on the plat; that the outside bound- <br />ary lines are correctly designated on the plat; that the topography of the land is correctly <br />shown nn the plat and that there are no wet lands or Dublit highways to be designated on said <br />plat other than as shown thereon. V- ,.-< , <br />urvewr-AU,ffv�esota Ij4g Ar?4�a t tgh No. <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA) <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN) S.S. Above certificate subscribed and sworn to beeffore me, a Notary Public, <br />this _'f v1 ' day of 5G i,de_.^ tier A.D. 1959. ��• (x� <br />Notary Public, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />My commission expires ,/?e, -r'. <br />The foregoing plat was approved and accepted by he Village PI nning C mmission of Edina, Minn- <br />esota; at a regular meeting thereof held this-=� day ofA.D. 1959. <br />PLANN I,NG gjumMi,�i OK,'OF ED I NA, MINNESOTA <br />r <br />by / its Chairman <br />The foregoing plat of W. I. ANDERSON'S ADDITION was approved an cceptedA the Vi lage Council <br />of Edina, Minnesota at:a regular meeting thereof held this day of 3GA.D. 1959. <br />VILLAGE COUNC14 OF,EDINA, MINNESOTA <br />i <br />��?h <br />by �i iii its Mayor <br />by C%.�� its Manager <br />Checked and approved this�_� day of 0CIVss' A.D. 1959. <br />i, <br />