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30 <br />:e <br />S 89° 55E <br />244.62 <br />Drainage and I` 5 <br />Ui,hty Easement Z-►� � <br />� o <br />O <br />WAL- DON <br />2 <br />--•122.35--- <br />: <br />°`:WEST I <br />244.71 <br />.... .. <br />I •• I <br />I I <br />30 <br />Ord <br />........... <br />W <br />N <br />O N <br />z' <br />I <br />SCALE ("=50 <br />• DENOTES IRON Mon. <br />FIRST <br />ADDITION <br />C. E. COULTER <br />REGISTERED LAND SURVEYO <br />KNOW ALL <br />MEN BY THESE PRESENTS. Thot we Walter <br />E. Bol/ and Don L, Payton , Co- portners operating <br />a5 WAL-DON <br />/3UMDERS, <br />owners and proprietors of the fol%wing described property situate in the County of Hennepin, <br />State of <br />Minnesota <br />to wit., Lot Four (4), of Block Twelve 00)' <br />"NORMANDALE" , I -love caused the some to be <br />surveyed and <br />platted as <br />WAL- OON BUILDERS FIRST ADDITION, Subject <br />to the drainage and utility easement- shown on <br />the annexed <br />plat. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands <br />and seals on this 241-"t" day of zVpee i 1956AD. <br />111,4L -1-)0N /3U/LDERS: <br />In the resence OA - <br />by: WALTER E. 6ALG - <br />by, DON L. PAAMV - CO-p�rfnC% <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA l ss <br />COUNTY OF HENNER/N1 <br />On this 2G day of AZ9-,-�A 10564D before me, a Notary Pub/ic within and for Sold County and State, persona/ly oyoeored <br />Walter E,,Oall and Don G. Payton °Po Xe personally known to be the persons described /n and who executed the <br />foregoing i,7sh-ument and sold Wa/ter E.Ba/l and Don L. Payton off/rm 017d acKnow/edge that- they executed <br />the some as their own free act and deeo: <br />Notory Pub/ic , Hennepin County, Minnesota. <br />My C0/771771ssia17 Expires <br />Z hereby certify that 1 hove surveyed and platted the land described in the above dedication as <br />WAL - DON 8U/LDERS FIRST 400/7-/0/d ; that- the annexed ,o%t is o correct- 'eprese07tat/or7 of sold survey; <br />thot a// distances are correctly shown on said plat /n figures denoting feet and a'ec/mols of a -loot; <br />That the monuments for the ?alo'once of future surveys hove been correctly placed /n tfie ground as shown <br />on said plat; shot the topography of the /ond /s correctly 517own o17 soid plot ; thot the outside boundaries of <br />the land are correctly des;gno1'eo1 on soid plot; and that there are r7o wet- lands or p4lh - highways 1-o <br />be aesigno/ed on said plot other bf7an are shown 1-17ereea-7, <br />40 , , iCr, s -ccs_/ <br />REG /STEREO LAND <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA t ss <br />COUNTY OF YENNEP/N 1 <br />SURVEYOR- M/1V1VE5074- REC7/STR,9T/ON N9 2554 <br />Above certificote subscr/bed and sworn to before me, o Notary Public with/n and for so/d County on& <br />State on /h'1:5 -92 day of AO, -4 /956 A,O, <br />This p/ot was <br />a t a regular <br />This p/a <br />req ular <br />cropro ved <br />meeting <br />and e <br />thereof <br />Notary Pub//c /-lennepin C200-7ty , Minnesota _ <br />My Commission Expires /YovGjm6er <br />voted by <br />t was approved and accepted <br />meeting thereof held 1-1715 <br />the V// <br />. day of <br />COrnm/SS/on <br />LZ4 /956 AD. <br />Council of <br />/956 AA. <br />of the Vi%lage of• 46:�711ho , M/nnesofo, <br />Its Chahr "017 <br />the V'//age of Edna, M/nnesota, of a <br />I-& Mayor- <br />17"5 <br />ayor <br />Its Manager <br />This R/a> was checked orad aloproved on th/s day of /✓%moi%� /956 AD, / �� <br />COUNTY SURVEYOR , NEN P/N COUNTY, MINNESOTA <br />