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WALKER <br />1 <br />41 <br />BEARING SYSTEM SHOWN IS BASED ON <br />ASSUMED DATAUM. <br />*DENOTES IRON MONUMENT. <br />DRAINAGE AND UTILITY EASEMENTS ARE AS <br />SHOWN ON THE PLAT. <br />30 IS O 30 60 <br />SCALE IN FEET <br />7R1 dQ C RQ*r%A AA* W <br />AVERY <br />HARRY S. JOHNSON LAND SURVEYORS <br />F <br />— 120 <br />T VIIIJCLGU IAV JiT/�-rrn �. r� <br />U E <br />0 <br />w <br />— — — — — — —r — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — <br />SOUTH EDIN ADDN.; EE3EINELER SOXCIE I ,' ST ACDIT,U1`. <br />I <br />1i <br />L rl*� <br />120 <br />0 <br />T— <br />K) <br />KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That Walker Assisted Living Corporation I, a Minnesota non—profit corporation, fee <br />owner and First Trust National Association, a national banking association, mortgagee of the following described <br />property situated in the County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota, to wit: <br />Outlot A, EBENEZER SOCIETY 1ST ADDITION, according to the recorded plat thereof, Hennepin <br />County, Minnesota <br />Have caused the same to be surveyed, and platted as WALKER AND AVERY ADDITION and do hereby donate and dedicate to <br />the public for public use forever: the, avenue and the easements for drainage and utility purposes only. <br />In witness whereof said Walker Assisted Living Corporation I,a Minnesota non—profit corporation, has caused these <br />presents to be signed by its proper officer this —. iLt—day of --- _-----_, 1991 and First Trust National <br />Association, a national banking association, has caused these presents to be signed by its proper officer <br />this __________--, day of -----------_,1991. <br />SIGNED: WALKER ASSISTED LIVING CORPORATION I <br />I Z BY: __�----------- ITS: 11���� - - - - - - - - — — — — — — <br />I J <br />SIGNED: FIRST TRUST NATIONAL ASSOCIATION <br />I Y BY: ------- Gt-t---- --- ------------- ITS: v _/� _ 1,0.eeg /�c"� t 7- <br />- - - - - - - - - - - - - <br />I STATE OF MIN <br />I NESOTAi�ew _ <br />i - COUNTY OF----"'e,�—w------------ <br />I <br />I The f9regoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _ I� qday of_ rV o��n /1�� 1991_ <br />by___t--------- as _1�'2Td�w1cev------ — of Walker Assisted Living Corporation I, a Minnesota non- <br />-_--_ profit corporation, on behalf of said corporation. n <br />e -r- <br />`-- <br />-r --- <br />�,.�Y NOtrrY M;3llC^µPiFTSQtI. �. <br />aac:ry Notary Public__�'LLN±e���__-------- County, Minnesota <br />Z *x comm won MC t 2d1•°i7 <br />vi My Commission Expires _ Z _f 1-4 ------------ <br />The foregoing instrument .:w O's acknowledged before me this t:!!! y 19 g <br />_ N _ �� h ------=,' : , as ,L�� --Firs-da of µo.ou4 tion, a _, <br />I (_, � by___ Q_ � __..1+- _.�_�� _ � �n_esc d �i✓i'"_______, of First Trust National Association, a national honking <br />association, on behalf of said association. <br />---------------------- <br />IN¢ E T 1KiT MSE C x HMTSOtA ( (N N C /W <br />I }j Notary Public__ �County, Minnesota <br />_` nE "`•"" " TY My Commission Expires___ <br />I-.-•,. My wmm;aior xoi a ' "' jj <br />I hereby certify that I have surveyed and platted the property described on this plat as WALKER AND AVERY ADDITION; <br />that this plat is a correct representation of said survey; that all distances are correctly shown on said plat in <br />I L feet and hundredths of a foot; that all monuments have been correctly placed in the ground as shown on said plat; <br />I that the outside boundary lines are correctly designated; and that th re are no wetlands to be designated on said <br />I plat. <br />i� <br />-- -- ------------------- <br />I Harry S. ohn on, Land Surveyor <br />I Minnesota License No. 5065 <br />I <br />I STATE OF MINE {� <br />I L7 COUNTY OF _ <br />ml -- <br />I L � The foregoing Surveyor's Certificate was acknowledged before me this --day day of _ 19 by Harry <br />S. Johnson, Land Surveyor, Minnesota license number 5065. <br />am ansa}r+A �n Q <br />KRISTINE A 'v C" SF1 C -- —y==— -- -- '------------ <br />NOTAftY PO`3iIC-CSih-�`E,SGti: <br />NENNEPIN CJNTY Notary Public___County, Minnesota <br />MY Cv�mmission Expires Oct, 7, 1943 My Commission Expires_____ <br />S_ EDINA, MINNESOTA <br />The plat of WALKER AND AVERY ADDITION was approved and accepted by the City Council of Edina, Minnesota at a <br />Zregular meeting thereof held this—a,=— day of — 0 19 dil. If applicable, the written comments and <br />recommendations of the Commissioner of Transportation and the County Highway Engineer have been received by the <br />J City or the prescribed 30 day period has elapsed without receipt of such comments and recommendations as provided <br />by Minn. Statutes, Section 505.03, Subd. 2. <br />ICJ I <br />CITY COUNCIL OF EDINA, MINNESOTA - <br />F By. --Mayor By: ----Manger <br />i <br />PROPERTY TAX AND PUBLIC RECORDS DEPARTMENT, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />I <br />I hereby certify that taxes payable in -------- and for all prior years have been paid for land described on this <br />!� J plat. Dated this --_--- day of ---------------, 19 ______. <br />I <br />I J Patrick H. O'Connor, Hennepin County Auditor By. ------------------------------------Deputy <br />I - <br />( <br />SURVEY DIVISION, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />I <br />I Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Sec. 383B.565 (1969), this plat has been approved this ______ day of ---------- __, <br />6 n 19 ------• <br />I <br />I Bernard H. Larson, Hennepin County Surveyor By: ----------------------------------- <br />I <br />I <br />I ry COUNTY RECORDER, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />I <br />I hereby certify that the within plat of WALKER AND AVERY ADDITION was filed in this office this -----day of <br />----- 19-----Y at----------o'clock-----.m. <br />i <br />R. Dan Carlson, County Recorder By: ----------- __---------------------- Deputy <br />