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R 1 1 <br />WALLING'S ADDITION FIRST REPEAT <br />o Denotes Iron 14onument <br />Bearings shown are assumed <br />Scale: 1 inch equals 50 feet <br />October, 1967 <br />EGA N, F I E L, <br />Engineers & <br />Know all men by these presents that Bonney Scott Walling and Willis Lampert Walling, her husband, owners and <br />proprietors, and First National Bank of Minneapolis, a Banking Corporation, Organized under the laws of the <br />United States, mortgagee, of,the following described property situate in the State of Minnesota and County of <br />D & N 0 W A K Hennepin, to wit: Lot 1, Block 1, 'WALLING'S ADDITION. Have caused the same to be surveyed 'and platted as <br />Surveyors WALLING'S ADDITION FIRST REPLAT. In witness whereof said Bonney Scott Walling and Willis Lampert Walling, <br />her husband, have hereunto set their hands and seals this day of A.D. 1967. in witness whereof <br />said First National Bank of Minneapolis has caused these presents to be signed by its proper officers and its <br />corporate seal to be hereunto affixed this day of A.D. 1967. <br />MERILANE <br />MER/LA/VE <br />In presence of: <br />In presence of: <br />Signed:— <br />(seal) <br />Bonney Scott Walling <br />Willis Lampert Walling (seal) <br />FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MINNEAPOLIS <br />by its <br />by its <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA <br />COUNTY OF HENNtEPIN S.S On this day of A.D. 1967, before me a Notary Public, personally <br />appeared Bonney Scott Waling and Willis, Lampert Walling her husband, to me be the persons described <br />in and who executed the foregoing instrument and they ahnowledged that they executed the same as their own <br />free act and deed. <br />Notary Public, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />My commission expires <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN S.S. On this day of A.D. 1967, before me a Notary Public, personally <br />appeared ando me personally known who by me each duly sworn did say <br />Mat they are respectively and of irst National Bank of Minneapolis, the corporation <br />named in the foregoing instrument,that the corporate seal affixed to said instrument is the corporate seal <br />of said corporation and that said instrument was signed and sealed in behalf of said corporation by authority <br />of its Board of Directors and said and acknowledged said instrument to <br />be the free act and deed of said corporation. <br />tary Public, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />commission expires <br />I hereby certifythat I have surveyed and platted the property described on this plat as WALLING'S ADDITION FIRST <br />REPLAT that his plat is a correct representation of said survey; that all distances are correctly shown on <br />the plat in feet and decimals of a foot; that all monuments have been correctly placed in the ground as shown; <br />that the outside boundary lines are correctly designated on the plat and that there are no we lands or public <br />highways to be designated on said plat. n , C� "4—,. <br />esot0bai�tr'aI! on No. 2264 <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN S.S. Above certificate subscribed and sworn to before me, a Notary Public, this C t <br />day of Nsvcxmaeu.' A.D. 1967. /1 _t fi <br />n, a„u, a.• vv a�.0 nu <br />Notary Public, Hennepin County Minnesota <br />My commission expires October �1, 1974 <br />The foregoing plat was approved and accepted by the Village Planning Commission of Edina, Minnesota, at a <br />regular meeting thereof Meld this ls+ day of moye►nbE� A.D. 1967. <br />PLANNING COMMISSION OF En INA, MINNESOTA <br />by[,c��� -� A••- Gc)_ Chairman ;-#- ewL <br />The foregoing plat of WALLiNG'S A901TION FIRST REPLAT was approved and accepted by the Village Council of <br />Edina, Minnesota,. at a regular meeting thereof held this A a 4h day 00006 OCA A.D. 1967, <br />V I LL OUIlC i L,1F E N. OTA <br />bayor?r° i cAl <br />by Manager <br />The boundaries of this plat have been mathematically checked and proved. No'determin ion has been made to <br />ascertain that the legal description agrees with said plat. Dated this day of A.D. 19670. <br />by <br />Elmer J. Peterson, Hennepin County Surveyor <br />