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Add*ition <br />' C.R. DOC. N0. <br />Warden Acres Hal cren <br />I <br />/ Know all men by these presents: That Ernest A. Hallgren and <br />Katharine A. Hallgren, husband and wife, owners and proprietors of <br />/ the following described property situated in the County of Hennepin, <br />State of Minnesota, to wit: <br />The South 100 feet of Lot 35, "Warden Acres, Hennepin County, <br />Minn.," as of record in the office of the County Recorder, <br />Hennepin County, Minnesota. <br />Have caused the same to be surveyed and platted as WARDEN ACRES <br />HALLGREN ADDITION and do hereby donate and dedicate to the public for <br />I public use forever the drive and drainage and utility easements as <br />60 I shown on the plat. <br />\./ 1 t i 1 J, 1 I A A l /1 r- A l t A I A r, r, r- A l A /, r, r- /, <br />1n1 11 1 1 IN lVn i 1.1 ,\ 1\1 r- 1\1 I \ry 1\ 1-e` 11-- 1%l r\ 1 1-r r- In witness whereof, said Ernest A. Hallgren an therine A. <br />VT 1 L _ L _ 1 / \ 1 1 NJ , i 1/-% 1 V 1W L- 1 r r r 1-k i \ L./ L- 1 Y /-% . J 1 \ L _ 1J \ Hallgren have hereunto set their hands this day <br />A r, r\ 1 -1- 1 �. A I A 1 1 �� -r I A I r, r- r, 1 A -1- <br />1 1 r 1- - F 1 r- 1 d4Aof <br />- A� , 2997. <br />1 1 <br />\ signed <br />NORTH LINE OF SOUTH 100.00 FEET OF LOT 35 / <br />S 89058'21" Wj 248.24 - -Ernest A. Ha ' <br />LIJ / llgrenrV Y4tharine A. Fia2lgre <br />j _— 119.24___--_ ____ 119_00____ ' '` <br /><__ / State of Minnesota, County of Hennepin '/.LC. <br />1 10.00 < <;� r The for oing instrument was acknowledged before me this,/ Y'. <br />day of �, 1997, by Ernest A. Hallgren and Katharine A. <br />10 I i i ^� `," ( I ,� rM1 ( _ _ ( Hallgren, husband and wife. <br />Notary Public, Hennepi ounty, Minnesota <br />M <br />My commission expires <br />Lig p i ( (W oI ( to . TY�avr� C. CJ,`++e,be� <br />1" r I hereby certify that i have surveyed and platted the property <br />f7 �_J <br />' wo o I I=r' oI I o ! described on this plat as WARDEN ACRES HALLGREN ADDITION: that this <br />z g ' o N Lot <br />of a correct representation of said surveys that all distances <br />ii o I Lot 1 IoI 2 I u are correctly shown on the. plat in feet and hundredths of a foots <br />L o o w o that all monuments have been correctly placed in the ground as shown; <br />1~ir !'' z t w that the outside boundary lines are correctly designated on the plat, <br />3 (n o I Iz ( I J and that there are no wetlands as defined in M.S. 505.02, Subd. 1 <br />b z <br />N o to be designated. <br />! O I I N to I o <br />`—J ° \t l A / A r, r, r— A I A IN r, r— t l P— e l n / t'� f, J 1 / O < <br />OI 1It/ J1 Fl I 1 r- 1\1 I I /\ 1 1•r r- Z W <br />L_ <br />z • • �, 1 1 a , _I_ , • , A A 1 n , '52 Car a le <br />Fran R. , Land Surveyor <br />Minnesota License No. <br />6508 <br />10 ( BLOCK I I I State of Minnesota, Cdunty of Hennepin <br />/The forts Surveyor Certificate was acknowledged before me <br />— — — — — — — — — — — — — — N this day of 1997 by Frank R. Cardarelle, <br />110,00 i <br />Land Surveyor. _ <br />t - - 119.24 — — — — 119.00 <br />G <br />- - S 89°58'21" W 248.24measured - - Notary Public, Hennepi ounty, Minnesota <br />Plat 240.10 "Warden Acres, ;lennenin County, Minn." My commission expires <br />SOUTH LINE OF LOT 35 " <br />EDINA, MINNESOTA <br />i This plat of WARDEN ACRES HA WREN ADDITION was appr ved and accept y the City Council of Edina, <br />Minnesota, at a regular meeting thereof field thia '�day of 1997. If ap- <br />placable, the written comments and recommendations of the Commissioner of Tran rtation and the <br />1 \/ 1 r- .. i A r 1 1 i -r 1 J, 1 1 Count <br />1 r 1 �- < r ., r\1 1� I1 1 11 111 y Highway Engineer have been received by the City or the prescribed 30 day period has elapsed <br />L_ 1 L_L_ .,1 �.A / -\LJ LJI 1 1.J1 Y without receipt of such comments and recommendations as provided by Minnesota Statutes, Section <br />505.3 Subd. 2. <br />CITY COUNCIL OF EDINA,MINNESOT <br />60 Mayor <br />b5' 40; <br />Manager <br />TAXPAYER SERVICES DIVISION, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />I hereby certify that taxes payable in 199_ and prior years have been paid for land described on <br />this plat. Dated this day of 199 . <br />DRAINAGE AND UTILITY EASEMENTS ARE SHOWN THUS: <br />Patrick H. O'Connor, Hennepin County Auditor <br />GRAPHIC SCALE NOT TO SCALE by Deputy <br />o 10 10 Io no rJ SURVEY SECTION, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 3838.565 (1969), this plat has been approved this <br />5 day of , 1997. <br />IN "T) — Gary F. Caswell, Hennepin County Surveyor <br />LEGEND I o by <br />._ J L _ COUNTY RECORDER, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />DENOTE IRON MONUMENT _ I hereby certify that the within plat of WARDEN ACRES HALLGREN ADDITION was filed in this office this <br />day of , 1997 at o'clock _.M. <br />N BASIS OF BEARINGS: IS ASSUMED R. Dan Carlson, County Recorder <br />Frank R. BEING 5 FEET IN WIDTH, UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED, <br />Cardarelle AND ADJOINING LOT LINES, AND 10 FEET IN WIDTH, UNLESS <br />Land Surveyor OTHERWISE INDITATED, AND ADJOINING RIGHT OF WAY LINES by Deputy <br />AS SHOWN ON THE PLAT. <br />