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BEARINGS SHOWN ARE ASSUMED. <br />a O " DENOTES IRON MONUMENT. <br />7 <br />CD <br />T- <br />r'' <br />rL' <br />0 <br />Z <br />0 <br />7 <br />50 <br />ACRES SCHEFLO REPLAT <br />MARCH, 1966 EGAN, FIELD & NOWAK <br />SCALE: 1i'= 301 ENGINEERS a SURVEYORS <br />93 <br />..) i J\ i..� L... 1 �•: i J A Imo\ 1 <br />Know all men by these presents that Fern A. Schefio and Sigfred E. Scheflo, her husband, owners and <br />proprietors of the following described property situate in the State of .Minnesota and County of <br />Hennepin, towit= Lot 35, "Warden Acres, Hennepin County, Minn.", except the South 100 feet thereof, <br />have caused the same to be surveyed and platted as WARDEN ACRES - SCHEFLO REPLAT, and do hereby donate <br />and dedicate to the public for public use forever the Drive and Easements for utility purposes as <br />L shown on the annexed plat. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this�`�_ <br />0 <br />day of A.D. 1966. <br />m. <br />GROVE , STREET <br />M <br />M <br />In resence of= <br />r <br />Seal) <br />Seal) <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA) , ��__��es d� ' <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN)S•S• On this _day of Ali fi.i%, A.D. 1966, before me a Notary <br />Public personally appeared Ferri A, Scheflo and Sigfred E. Schefio, her husband, to me known to be <br />the persons described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and they acknowledged that they <br />executed the same as their own free act and deed, <br />Notary Public, Hennepin County, Minheso a <br />My commission expires <br />Notary <br />MyCommis3„zE r -_._^•7972 <br />1 hereby certify that I have surveyed and platted the property described on this plat as WARDEN <br />ACRES — SCHEFLO REPLAT] that this plat is a correct representation of said surveys that all distances <br />are correctly shown on the plat in feet and decimals of a foots that the monuments for guidance of <br />future surveys are correctly placed in the ground as shown on the plats that the outside boundary <br />lines are correctly designated on the plat and that there are no wet lands or public highways to be <br />designated on said plat other than as shown thereon o \ / 0 <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA) <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN)S-S- Above certificate subscribed and sworn to before me, a Notary Public, <br />this TN day of At P R 1 L. •A,D. 1966, LI j <br />ARTHUR E. OSTLUND <br />Notary Public, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />My commission expires October 23, 1967. <br />The foregoing plat was approved and acce t$d by the Village Planning Commission of Edina, Minnesota, <br />at a regular meeting thereof held this�day of_ M R y A.D. 1966. <br />V <br />PLANNING C OF A MINNESOTA <br />its chairman <br />The foregoing plat of WARDEN ACRES — SCHEFLO REPLAT was approved and accepted,,,���,,, b''''''y��'��' the V"""i"""Ilage Council <br />p of Edina, Minnesota at a regular meeting thereof held this _6 �te��day of D. 1966. <br />t' E X C Er P T I O N (o VILLAGE COUNCIL OF INA, MINNESOTA <br />w \ <br />b its Mayor <br />b its Manager <br />I? <br />The boundaries of this plat and the boundaries of the block therein have been mathematically <br />checked and approved, No determination has been made to ascertain that the legal description <br />agrees with said plat- Dated this day of A.D. 1966. <br />by <br />Elmer J. Peterson <br />Hennepin County Surveyor <br />