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I <br />68 <br />CARL>ARELLE ANv A550c/AWES <br />L ANCO 5UR\1E yo*2S <br />The Norfh Iine c>F4he S.E. 114 OF 47E! 8,T. 1161, fz.2/. <br />%i" <br />GAG=rti �_ <br />L <br />948 — <br />J /J1 J <br />o �Mn <br />NN <br />u <br />/ v <br />_ /81�>. 52 <br />N89'4�'40"� <br />F NAGE AND UT7L.ITY <br />EASEMENTS ARE 51-IoWN TNr/5: <br />io 60 <br />BE/NCS 5 FEST /N WIL�7r7-/ AND ADTO/N11V64 LoT L/NES <br />AND /O FEST /N W11JTT14 AND A4-1NE5 <br />AS 5/-40t/N oN THE PLAT, QNL.E55 o77-1&RW156 /N0/cATED. <br />.I1vIi tD�: <br />�Q <br />r Od93 � <br />/70.2 <br />5c1-1AUQA4NESSY._._- <br />,eoA 0 <br />13 y <br />K <br />0 40 /2.0 <br />Sc.A[.E /N FEET <br />o DENOTES IRON MONUMENT <br />BEARIN(:qS 5NoWN A/2E A5�UMEL) <br />Know all men by these presents that Warren E. Hanson and Sarah L. Hanson, husband and wife, owners and <br />proprietors of the following described property in the County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota, to wit: <br />The South 100 feet of the North 833 feet of the West 448 feet of the Southeast Quarter of the <br />Southwest Quarter of Section 8, Township 116, North Range 21, West of. the 5th Principal <br />Meridian, except the West 33 feet thereof. <br />Have caused the same to be surveyed and platted as WARREN HANSON ADDITION and do hereby donate and <br />dedicate to the public for public use forever the court, road and drainage and utility easements as shown <br />on the plat, <br />In witness whereof said w ren E. Hanson and Sarah L. Hanson, husband and wife have hereunto set their <br />hands and seals this y of 4 1980. <br />signed <br />Warren E. Hanson <br />State ofSo4'aL County of <br />�#X <br />The foregoing instrument was acknowledged b fore e <br />E. Hanson and Sarah L. Hans <br />: k CRAIG L. LARSEN <br />NOTARY PUBLIC -MINNESOTA <br />WOL HENNEPIN COUNTY <br />My Commission Expires Sept. 15,1184 <br />Sarah' L. Hanson <br />of GJC.&*eX= 1980 by Warren <br />Notary YyLnlic, Hennepin county, <br />My commission expires -1 <br />I hereby certify that I have surveyed and platted the property described on this plat as WARREN <br />HANSON ADDITION, that this plat is a correct representation of said survey; that all distances are <br />correctly shown on the plat in feet and hundredths of a foot; that all monuments have been correctly <br />placed in the ground as shown on the plat; that the outside boundary lines are correctly designated <br />on the plat, and that there are no wet lands to be designated on said plat. <br />Minnesota State Reg. No. 6508 <br />State of Minnesota, County of Hennepin <br />The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this_&!fday ofC 1980 by Frank R. <br />Cardarelle, Land Surveyor. <br />Xi4v.+iGx�R+t s.%�tAKA.4Cfir M�MM1%� • /ji, _ & <br />; q tfi tRiE C. WtiTEN$ER9 // <br />aT��v' <br />'ES°TA <br />Notary Public, Hennepin Cou Y+Minnesota <br />x NvEPIN COUNY <br />,C" u_ E.p;E==Wit MM, My commission expires <br />avvu�vwuvw'rrnrvVn�nHwvw'n'�� <br />Edina, Minnesota <br />This plat of WARREN HANSON ADDITION was a roved and accelated by the City Council of Edina, Minnesota <br />at a regular meeting thereof, held this 40*4 day of I, 1980. <br />PROPERTY TAXATION DEPARTMENT, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />I hereby certify that there are no delinquent taxes for all years prior to for land described <br />on this plat. Dated this day of 1980. <br />Vernon T. Hoppe, Director by Tax Clerk <br />SURVEY DIVISION, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />Pursuant to Chapter 810, Minnesota Laws of 1969, this plat has been'approved this day of <br />1980. <br />Hennepin County Surveyor by . <br />COUNTY RECORDER, Hennepin County, Minnesota <br />I hereby certify that the within plat of WARREN HANSON ADDITION was filed for record in this office <br />this day of , 1980, at o'clock .M. <br />County Recorder by Deputy <br />