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RESOLUTION NO. 2002-16 <br />OPPOSING MINNEHAHA CREEKWATERSHED DISTRICT City of Edina <br />PROPOSED RULE CHANGES <br />FOR RULES B, D, N, AND M, AS DATED JANUARY 17, 2002 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the Ciity If Edina, Minnesota (the "City") as follows: <br />Section 1. Recitals. Minnehaha Creek Water hed District (MCWD) has developed <br />proposed rule changes for MCWD Rules B, D, M, & N and is accepting comments for these <br />proposed rules. <br />Section 2. Findings. The City Council belie, <br />• Utilization of wetland buffers is <br />circumstances, but not in all conditi <br />expect their constituents to adhere to a <br />provides for buffers as they pertain to 1 <br />• The City has analyzed this rule chan <br />MCWD and find that most homes th <br />would loose almost all of their back, <br />homes along the Minnehaha Creek A <br />change; this would change the characte <br />• The Builders' Association of the Twin <br />would take 9,204 Acres of land. Othe <br />concerns of "taking of lands" within t <br />City questions the legality of any takin <br />• A 25 to 50 foot buffer does not guarar <br />lake. No proven scientific data exi <br />different types of wetlands and or lake: <br />• Best management practices can be mor <br />• Land use within the City should be cor. <br />• The City strongly believes that we cai <br />the environment including but not limi <br />• The City is willing to address this i <br />Minnehaha Creek Watershed Cities wt <br />Section 3. Opposing Rule Change: The City <br />for Rules B, D, N, and M, as dated January 17, 200: <br />ADOPTED this 19th day of February, 2002. <br />1" <br />ATTEST: n. ,� MllCity Clerk" % <br />good management practice under some <br />1s. A fully developed community cannot <br />,ery restrictive buffer rule. Our current code <br />-ation of structures from a wetland or lake. <br />as it affects the residential homes within <br />are adjacent to a wetland, lake, or stream <br />Ards to a buffer zone. The majority of the <br />uld also be adversely affected by this rule <br />.stic of the City through this area. <br />'ities states that the MCWD with this change <br />cities within the watershed have also raised <br />eir city, both private and public lands. The <br />of any land within the City by the MCWD. <br />-e better water quality within the wetland or <br />;s supporting a certain buffer distance for <br />effective in protecting wetlands and lakes. <br />.oiled by the City. <br />use a common sense approach to protecting <br />d to water quality. <br />ue with the MCWD and all of the Lower <br />-h we all share common similarities. <br />ses the MCWD proposed rule changes <br />i <br />Mayo— -�'�� <br />City Hall 1 (952) 927-8861 <br />4801 WEST 50TH STREET FAX (952) 826-0390 <br />EDINA, MINNESOTA 55424-1394 TDD (952) 826-0379 <br />