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Resolution No. 2002-40 <br />Page 2 <br />of State Highway 100 to the northern bpur <br />along the northern boundary of the City of <br />Precinct No. 3 - Commencing at t <br />Arden Avenue; then northerly along the c <br />Road; then westerly along the centerli}e o <br />then northerly along the centerline of Woc <br />of the City of Edina; then southwesterly at <br />of the City of Edina to State Highway) 101 <br />State Highway 100 to the south line of th <br />Section 18, Township 28, Range 24); then E <br />Country Club to West 54th Street; then e� <br />Street to France Avenue; then northerly a <br />West 52nd Street; then westerly along & <br />extension to Minnehaha Creek; then r ortl <br />Creek to Wooddale Lane extended ea ter'. <br />Wooddale Lane to Wooddale Aven e; <br />Wooddale Avenue to West 50th Stree ; th <br />50th Street to point of beginning. I <br />Precinct No. 4 - Commencing a! th <br />Road 17) and West 40th Street; then west <br />City of Edina to the western boundary f tl <br />southerly, westerly, southerly and wes er13 <br />of Edina to Wooddale Avenue; then oul <br />Avenue to Sunnyside Road; then easte�ly a <br />Arden Avenue; then southerly along the c <br />Street; then westerly along the centerline c <br />then southerly along the centerline of i Wo <br />easterly along the centerline of Woo dal, <br />Creek; then southerly, along the centerline <br />extended westerly; then easterly along) the <br />Avenue; then northerly along the centerlinE <br />Precinct No. 5 - Commencing at <br />northern boundary of the City of EdinI, th <br />along the centerline of Blake Road t� VE <br />northeasterly along the centerline of V' me <br />line (west line of Section 33, Towns 'p 1 <br />centerline of the north -south NSP pow r lir <br />Edina; then westerly along the northern b, <br />beginning. <br />Precinct No. 6 - Commencing i at <br />Road 158) and Gleason Road; then souther. <br />State Highway 62; then easterly along th <br />Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Rai <br />of the Minneapolis, Northfield and So <br />Lary of the City of Edit <br />Tina to point of beginni <br />intersection of West <br />iterline of Arden Aver <br />Sunnyside Road to We <br />dale Avenue to the no <br />I westerly along the no <br />then southerly along <br />Edina Country Club <br />sterly along the south <br />terly along the centerl: <br />mg the centerline of F: <br />centerline of West 521 <br />-rly along the centerlir <br />; then westerly along <br />ten northerly along t <br />1 easterly along the CE <br />intersection of France , <br />rly along the northern <br />e City of Edina at Natch <br />along the western bour <br />ierly along the centerli <br />ong the centerline of Su <br />nterline of Arden Aver <br />West 50th Street to We <br />►ddale Avenue to Wooc <br />Lane and its extensioi <br />A Minnehaha Creek to 1 <br />enterline of West 52nd <br />of France Avenue to poi <br />he intersection of Blake <br />n southerly, southeaster <br />rnon Avenue (County <br />i Avenue to the north -s( <br />.7, Range 21); then nor <br />E! to the northern boundi <br />undary of the City of F <br />intersection Vernon . <br />along the centerline of <br />centerline of State Hi; <br />)ad; then northerly alo <br />cern Railroad to Har <br />then westerly <br />)th Street and <br />to Sunnyside <br />)dale Avenue; <br />cern boundary <br />cern boundary <br />centerline of <br />south line of <br />e of the Edina <br />of West 54th <br />ice Avenue to <br />Street and its <br />of Minnehaha <br />centerline of <br />centerline of <br />erline of West <br />venue (County <br />Dundary of the <br />z Avenue; then <br />(ary of the City <br />E! of Wooddale <br />nyside Road to <br />Le to West 50th <br />)ddale Avenue; <br />tale Lane; then <br />to Minnehaha <br />'est 52nd Street <br />itreet to France <br />t of beginning. <br />Road and the <br />i and southerly <br />.oad 158); then <br />Ah NSP power <br />ierly along the <br />y of the City of <br />Lina to point of <br />venue (County <br />;leason Road to <br />sway 62 to the <br />g the centerline <br />en Road; then <br />