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except that part lying southerly, <br />described line: <br />Beginning at the northwest corner <br />minutes 00 seconds East assumed be <br />distance of 2.80 feet; thence South <br />distance of 72.41 feet; thence South <br />distance of 28.25 feet; thence North 7 <br />the southerly line of said Outlot 1 a <br />south of the northwest corner of said <br />said Outlot 1 and there terminating. <br />WHEREAS, the requested subdivisi <br />been determined with the Subdivision and <br />an unnecessary hardship and said Parcels <br />purpose of the Subdivision and Zoning R <br />Sections 810 and 850; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby res <br />the conveyance and ownership of the abo <br />hereby approved and the requirements and <br />waived to allow said division and conveyar <br />extent permitted under Code Sections 810a <br />Section 850 and said Ordinances are not i <br />provisions thereof, and further subject, how( <br />made of said Parcels unless made in comp-- <br />Edina <br />omp:Edina or with the prior approval of this Coui <br />ADOPTED this 1St day of October, 2002. <br />ATTEST: <br />City Clerk <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA ) <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN )SS <br />CITY OF EDINA ) <br />I, the undersigned duly appointed and acting <br />that the attached and foregoing Resolution w <br />Regular Meeting of October 1, 2002, and as re( <br />WITNESS my hand and seal of said City this <br />I <br />ly, and northerly of t�e following <br />utlot 1, thence South8 degrees 43 <br />along the north line of s id Outlot 1 a <br />grees 00 minutes 00 sends West a <br />agrees 47 minutes 47 se nds West a <br />•ees 30 minutes 00 secon s West along <br />nce of 1.40 feet to a poi t 100.00 feet <br />)t 1 as measured along th west line of <br />khorized under Code S tion 810 and it has <br />Regulations of the Cityof Edina will create <br />ate tracts of land dont interfere with the <br />is as contained in the Zity of Edina Code <br />by the City Council of tf <br />scribed Parcels as separ <br />ions of Code Sections 85( <br />reof as separate tracts of <br />50 subject to the limitati <br />I for any other purpose <br />:) the provision that no fu <br />with the pertinent ordin <br />may be provided for by i <br />Clerk for the City of Edir <br />tly adopted by the Edina <br />I in the Minutes of said R, <br />y of <br />City of Edina that <br />:e tracts of land is <br />and 810 are hereby <br />end but only to the <br />ns set out in Code <br />Dr as to any other <br />ther subdivision be <br />nces of the City of <br />.ose ordinances. <br />do hereby certify <br />:ity Council at its <br />ular Meeting. <br />,20 <br />City Clerk <br />