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A PRO <br />WHEREAS, Minneapolis School Supez <br />Dragseth for the 2003 Mi <br />Superintendent of the Year <br />TION. <br />Dr. Carol Johnson <br />>sociation of School <br />WHEREAS, Dr. Dragseth is a candidate am ng ther state winners for N; <br />of the Year, to be announced a the erican Association of <br />(AASA) convention in New Orl ans n February 2003; and <br />WHEREAS, criteria demonstrated by <br />communications skills, profe <br />WHEREAS, Dr. Dragseth holds doctoral az <br />and a bachelor's degree from <br />Harvard University Superintez <br />Public Schools Executive Deve <br />WHEREAS, Dr. Dragseth is especially noted <br />for learning. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVEL <br />extended to Dr. Kenneth Draes <br />2003 MASA <br />Dr. Kenneth <br />tors (MASA) <br />Superintendent <br />Administrators <br />Dragseth includes, leade ship for learning, <br />.alis , community involvemen. ; and <br />ma ter's degrees from the Uni 7ersity of Minnesota, <br />astc, vus Adolphus College, ha4 participated in the <br />nt' Summer Seminar, and is Fellow in the Bush <br />me it Program; and <br />)r lis ability to create and suptort an environment <br />by I Edina City Council that congratulations be <br />i in honor of his being named <br />ENT OF <br />AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that is )Resolution be recorded in the Minutes of the <br />Edina City Council. <br />F. Maetzold, Mayor <br />r <br />