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4. Joint Powers Agreement. Pursuant to <br />Agreement") to be entered into by the City,he <br />City of Crystal ("Crystal") pursuant to MinnIsot, <br />Minnesota Statutes, Section 47,1.656, subdivi ion <br />the issuance of the Bonds by the City to finance of <br />their jurisdictions. <br />5. Application to Dgpartment of Trade am <br />The Project is hereby approved by the City, <br />Commissioner of Trade and Economic Deveopr <br />the Act. The Mayor, the City Manager and o er <br />action as may be required to obtain the ap rovs <br />Trade and Economic Development of the Pr 'ecl <br />relating to the issuance of the revenue bonds, he <br />reimbursed by the Borrower. <br />6. Documents Presented. Forms of the foll <br />Project have been submitted to the City and ai e nc <br />a. Loan Agreement (the "Lo m i <br />between the City and the Borrower; and <br />b. Trust Indenture (the "den e' <br />City and U.S. Bank National Association, as t ste <br />c. Bond Purchase Agreement the <br />Dougherty & Company LLC (the "Underwrit r"), <br />d. Combination Mortgage, Se urit <br />and Assignment of Leases and Rents (the " ort€ <br />Borrower to the Trustee; and <br />e. Guaranty Agreement (the `Gu; <br />2002, from Volunteers of America Care acili <br />"Guarantor") to the Trustee; and <br />f. Continuing Disclosure A greet <br />"Continuing Disclosure Agreement"), betwee the <br />g. Joint Powers Agreement; an <br />h. Preliminary Official Statem nt n <br />7. Approval and Execution of Docu�2en <br />Bond Purchase Agreement, Continuing Dis lose <br />Powers Agreement, referred to in paragraph 5, <br />Bond Purchase Agreement and Joint Powers Ag <br />behalf of the City by the officers identified in pang <br />with all such changes therein as may be ap roi <br />approval shall be conclusively evidenced by t e e <br />8. Official Statement. The City hereb co <br />the Preliminary Official Statement and the fi al ( <br />Bonds; however, the City makes no repress <br />responsibility for the sufficiency, accuracy, c6mp <br />Statement or the final Official Statement. To sa <br />Securities Exchange Commission, as amend d, tl <br />of the City to deem the information relating to <br />Statement to be final as of its date. <br />2 <br />Joint Powers Agreement (the "Joint Powers <br />ity of Coon Rapids ("Con <br />Rapids") and the <br />Statutes, Section 469.155 <br />subdivision 9, and <br />;(4), Coon Rapids and Crystal <br />will consent to <br />-efinance the portions of t4e <br />Project located in <br />?conomic Development-,, roval of Project. <br />tbject only to the appy(val thereof by the <br />;nt of the State of Minne' ota, as required by <br />fficers of the City are aut orized to take such <br />of the Commissioner ol the Department of <br />as required by the Act. All costs of the City <br />ter or not successfully iss ied, shall be paid or <br />,ing documents relating the Bonds and the <br />on file in the offices oft e City: <br />reement") dated as of ecember 1, 2002, <br />dated as of December 1 2002, between the <br />(the "Trustee"); and <br />3ond Purchase Agreement"), by and between <br />to Borrower and the City' and <br />Agreement and Fixture Financing Statement <br />;e") dated as of Decemb r 1, 2002, from the <br />ranty Agreement") dated as of December 1, <br />ies, a Minnesota nonprofit corporation (the <br />Lent dated as of December 1, 2002, (the <br />Borrower and the Trusteei and <br />ited to the Bonds. <br />The forms of Loan A <br />Agreement, Guaranty, <br />approved. The Loan Ali <br />-meat shall be executed i <br />-aph 12, in substantially <br />1 by the officers execu <br />cution thereof. <br />ents to the distribut"on b' <br />:ficial Statement to p ten <br />I.ations with respe t t , <br />.eness or contents of, the F <br />;fy the requirements of <br />City Manager is hereby 1 <br />e City contained in the <br />-ment, Indenture, <br />)rtgage and Joint <br />-ment, Indenture, <br />the name and on <br />forms on file, but <br />the same, which <br />the Underwriter of <br />.1 purchasers of the <br />and assumes no <br />reliminary Official <br />.ile 15c2-12 of the <br />tthorized on behalf <br />reliminary Official <br />