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J I <br />0 M <br />h6WA'M=0UN <br />AFFIDAVIT IOF PUBLICATI <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA) <br />SS <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN) <br />L. J. Canning , being duly s <br />the publisher or authorized agent and employee of the publish <br />Edina Sun -Current , and has f <br />stated below. <br />(A) The newspaper has complied with all of the requirements constituting <br />as provided by Minnesota Statute 331A.02, 33%0 and other applicable <br />(B) The printed Ordinance No. 1993-1 <br />which is attached was cut from the columns of said newspaper, and was pri <br />for o n e successive weeks; it was first publishekl on W e d n e s d a <br />of J a n u a r v , 19_2 3 , and was thereafter printed and published on <br />and including , the day of <br />a copy of the lower case alphabet from A to Z, both 'inclusive, which is hereb <br />and kind of type used in the composition and publication of the notice: <br />abcdefghilmnopgistuvwxyz <br />BY: <br />TITLE: Gen r <br />Acknowledged before me on this <br />27 day of Januar v , 19 93 . <br />b <br />No4 Public ME J , M. HED :.G,, <br />NcY,-ry Public N, nnescta <br />'EP; i COL Y <br />c <br />RATE INFORMATION <br />(1) Lowest classified rate paid by commercial usersl, $ <br />for comparable space 1 <br />(2) Maximum rate allowed by law for the above matter $ <br />(3) Rate actually charged for the above matter 1 $ <br />h on an oath says that I <br />of the newspaper <br />knowledge of the facts <br />;alien as a qualified <br />as amended. <br />is <br />/3/1 <br />as city <br />are <br />land published once eact week, <br />the 27 day <br />very I to <br />19 ; and printed low is <br />acknowledged as being t e size <br />Manager <br />1.$0 Der line <br />word, or inch rate) <br />per line <br />worcl, or inch rate) <br />724 per line <br />word, or inch rate) <br />OF <br />OF <br />NIOR) <br />CITY OF <br />Of section 900 Of <br />Is/ FREDERICK S. RICHARDS <br />Mayor <br />LA M. DAEHN <br />Jan. 27, 1995)—ED <br />