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A. Nq parking ramp, g rage or other struct re, or any pal thereof, <br />shall be located within 5P feet of the neares lot line of anproperty <br />in a residential district u ed for residential p rposes. <br />B. The front street or 11 side street setback I for parking r mps and <br />garages, and other struc res, shall be increa ed to 50 feet hen the <br />ramp, garage or structuI is located across th street from a property <br />in an R-1 District used f r residential purpos s. <br />C. All exterior wall finis es of a parking ra p or garages all be of <br />materials that are comp i le with those of a 'sting nearby ructures <br />and shall be one or a c mbination of the fo lowing materi is which <br />shall be determined by t 'Council in connec ion with the g nting of <br />a Conditional Use Permi : <br />1. Face brick. II 1 1 <br />. Natural stone. <br />3. Specially desig <br />have been integral] <br />Or texture." <br />Section 2. This ordinance shall be in <br />publication. <br />First Reading: March 15, 1993 <br />Second Reading: Waived <br />Published in the Edina Sun -Current on <br />ATTEST: <br />City Clerk <br />ated precast concre <br />treated with an app <br />ull force and effec <br />arch 24, 1993 <br />2 <br />:e units if the surfaces <br />ied decorative material <br />upon its pas ge and <br />