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Q I <br />MINNESOTA <br />SUN <br />PUBLICATIOI�IS <br />AFFIDAVIT 00 PWBLICATI <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA) <br />Ss. <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN) <br />L. J. Canning , being duly swc <br />the publisher or authorized agent and employee of the publisher <br />Edina Sun -Current ,and has full <br />stated below. <br />(A) The newspaper has complied with all of the requirements constituting <br />as provided by Minnesota Statute 331AA2, 331AD7, aid other applicable <br />(f3) The printed Ordinance N to . 1993-4 <br />which is attached was cut from the columns of said nev�spaper, and was printed <br />for o n e successive weeks; it was first published On Wednesday <br />of April , 19-2-3-, and was thereafter printed and published on e% <br />and including , the pay of , <br />a copy of the lower case alphabet from A to Z, both in lusive, which is hereby i <br />and kind of type used in the composition and publication of the notice: <br />abcderghi jkhrinopgrstuvwxyz <br />1311(: <br />TITLE: Kr G ee r <br />Acknowledged before me on this <br />14 day of Aa r I . 19-5i-3. <br />y� <br />i /' „ 4 1s ( !i /I t" A I <br />Notary: Public <br />RATE INFORMATION <br />(1) lowest classified rate paid by commercial users $ <br />for comparable space <br />(2) Maximum rate allowed by law for the above matt�r $ <br />(3) Rate actually charged for the above matter $ <br />on an oath says that h e is <br />f the newspaper known as <br />edge of the facts whit i are <br />cation As a qualified newspVer, <br />as amended. <br />Ind published once each wjeek, <br />_> the i4 day <br />to <br />and printed beloN is <br />wvledged as being the size <br />Manager <br />ier line <br />or inch <br />)er line <br />or inch <br />er line <br />or inch <br />C4 <br />Pabifeatiee) <br />CITY OF EDINA <br />4 <br />WEST 55®71 STREET <br />ED <br />A. MINNESOTA 55424 <br />DINANCE.;NO. 1fB:M <br />AN Of DI <br />CE AMENDING SECTION <br />low F <br />E C=E TO UPDATE <br />ST TU <br />RY ENCES AND <br />EQUIREMENTS <br />THE CI <br />UNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />EDINA <br />INS: <br />Secti 1. <br />definition of "Weed" in Subsec- <br />tion I <br />hereby amended to read as <br />follows: <br />"Wc ed. i) <br />plant which is identified by the <br />State C <br />loner of Agriculture as a aox- <br />ions <br />noxious weed pursuant <br />to M.S. 18. <br />, Subd. 8, or til) any volunteer <br />plant, <br />trees and other woody vegeta- <br />tion, w ich <br />not customarily or intentional- <br />ly <br />yplan ' <br />Becton . S <br />on 1850.88 is hereby amend- <br />ed to rea as <br />lows: <br />"1050.08 Ab <br />dent. <br />Subd. 1 <br />once. Any vegetation which <br />does t <br />the requirements of this Sec- <br />tion ' <br />red to be a nuisance. <br />Sub 12 <br />onditions Allowing Inspector to <br />Enter <br />erty. The weed inspector or <br />assist nl <br />inspector of the City, or per- <br />sons uth <br />ized by the weed inspector or <br />assis nt <br />eed inspector may enter upon <br />props ty <br />' <br />cut, remove, destroy and <br />era to <br />talion declared to be a <br />nutsa a <br />er this Section. Entry by the <br />weed i <br />tor, assistant weed inspector or <br />pe au <br />by the weed inspector or <br />assisU it <br />inspector, for the purpose of <br />cuttin <br />removing, destroying or <br />eradic ti <br />vegetation shall be done only <br />after rit n notice is served upon the <br />owner, an <br />he occupant if other than the <br />owner, of t e property to be entered, and <br />failure f <br />owner or occupant to cut down, <br />rem <br />troy or eradicate vegetation <br />decla <br />a nuisance, within the time, <br />In <br />and in uc <br />anner, as the weed inspector <br />or tan <br />eed inspector shall designate <br />in the i <br />The notice shall be given in the <br />manne pribed <br />by M.S. 18.83, Subd. 2, <br />and s 1 al <br />a minimum of seven days for <br />the p rt owner or occupant to comply <br />with ui <br />ents of the notice. <br />Subd. 3 O ner's Responsibility for Costs <br />Incurr . T e costs and expenses incurred <br />by the ity n connection with entering a <br />propert <br />cant to Subd. 2 of this Subsec- <br />tion an cut ng, removing, destroying and <br />eradica i <br />nuisan s <br />vegetation declared to be a <br />11 be paid by the owner or oc. <br />cupant f th property metered pursuant to <br />a noti c <br />taming the information and <br />served s p <br />ribed by M.S. 18.83, Subd. 7. <br />if the C y <br />of paid the amount stated in <br />the noti wi <br />'n 30 days or before the follow- <br />ing Oc be <br />1 whichever is later, such <br />l become a lien in favor of the <br />amount hjalty <br />City a <br />of eight percent shall be <br />added <br />ount due as of that date and <br />the totapenses and ppeenalties shall <br />be certie auditor of Ifennepin Coun- <br />ty for en <br />tax upon such property for <br />collectier <br />real estate taxes are col- <br />lected, aant <br />to the provisions of M.S. <br />18.83, SSection <br />3.inance <br />shall be in full force <br />and effect un i passage and publication. <br />First Rea ng: <br />April 5, 1993 <br />Second Re idut <br />: Waived <br />Published n th <br />Edina Sun -Current on April <br />14, 1993 <br />/s/ <br />REDERICK S. RICHARDS <br />Mayor <br />ATTEST: <br />/s/ MARCEI A <br />. DAEHN <br />City Clerk <br />AD <br />14,1993)—ED <br />