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&AMIN <br />EsN <br />AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA) <br />SS. <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN) <br />L.J. Canning , being duly sworn on oath says that he/she <br />the publisher or authorized agent and employee of <br />the publisher of t ie newspaper known <br />Edina Sun -Current , and has full knoW of the fads which a <br />stated below. 7 <br />(A) The newspaper has complied with all of the requirements constituting quay n as aiqualified n <br />as provided by Minnesota Statute 331A.02, 331A.07, and other applicable laws, a., amended. <br />(13) The printed Ordinance N o .I 1993-8 <br />which is attached was cut from the columns of said newspaper, and was printed an I published once each wet <br />for one successive weeks; it was first published on I Wednesday the 16 d <br />Of J u n e , 19--2-3—, and was thereafter printed) and published on eve <br />and including , the day of , 19 ;,arid printed below <br />a copy of the lower case alphabet from A to Z, both inclusive, which is hereby ack iowledged as being the si <br />and kind of type used in the composition and publicatioof the notice: <br />abcdefgnijkhnno(�Cpstuvwxyz <br />8Y: <br />TITLE: General Manager <br />Acknowledged before me on this <br />16 day of June 19---2_3 <br />1 lc1 '% <br />bll ,., MERrDEL M.HEDBLOM <br />Notary Public Minnesota <br />HENNEPIN COUNTY <br />y Commission Expires Jul_ 16. 1998 <br />RATE INFORMATION <br />(1) Lowest classified rate paid by commercial users $ 11 1.60 per line <br />for comparable space (Lii ie, wont, or inch rate) <br />(2) Maximum rate allowed by law for the above matter $ 96.Wi per line <br />(Lit is, word; or inch rate) <br />(3) Rate actually charged for the above matter $ 720 tier line <br />(Lige, word, or inch rate) <br />myof <br />AN ORDII <br />CODE <br />AWNINGS <br />AND TO <br />FREESTA <br />THE PW <br />THE CITY <br />EDINA ORI <br />Section L <br />amen <br />18 At <br />A. Awn <br />CIDIA SH24 <br />NO. 19W4 <br />:LADING THE CITY <br />is THE USE OF <br />LAND MARQUEES <br />HE NUM$ER OF <br />IS PERMITTED IN <br />IERCIAL DISTRICT <br />OF THE CITY OF <br />Subsection 460.09 is <br />as k1lows: <br />tries. or Mamuea& <br />ensu wn w <br />aamuonal sw area. <br />strutted <br />or marquees con - <br />parent or translucent <br />material <br />ed to be a sign panel <br />l' <br />Section 2. <br />sign area.,, <br />of subsection 460.05 is <br />� <br />to ide that the maximum <br />tuber f <br />signs allowed in the <br />PCD -2 District <br />Section s. <br />one per build' <br />and effect ' <br />' <br />nee shall be in full force <br />upm its adoption <br />,First Rea <br />7, 19➢Ci <br />Second Rea <br />W ved <br />/ <br />ERICK S. RICHARDS <br />ATTEST: <br />Mayor <br />/s/ MARCELU <br />M. AEHN <br />