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"Adult Body Painting Studio. An est <br />service of applying paint or other <br />transparent, to or on the body of a pa <br />nude in terms of Specified Anatomical <br />or <br />when such <br />;s which prov <br />transparent <br />is wholly or <br />Adult Bookstore. An establishment or usiness which barters, rents or se <br />consisting of printed matter, pictures, slides, records, audio tape, videc <br />motion picture film d either alone or when combined wi Adult Motioi <br />Rental or Sales and Adult Novelty Sal es within the same business prep <br />either 10 percent or more of its stock trade or 10 perc nt or more of <br />area containing items which are distin 'shed or characterized by an emr <br />the depiction or description of Specifie I Sexual Activities or Specified An <br />Areas. <br />Adult Cabaret. An establishment or <br />entertainment, if such dancing or <br />characterized by an emphasis on the <br />of Specified Sexual Activities or Spe <br />ess which providE s dancing or <br />live entertai=c nt is disting <br />ntation, display, epiction or c <br />Anatomical Are <br />Adult Companionship Establishment. n establishment or usiness which <br />the service of engaging in or listening o j conversation, talk or discussion <br />an employee of the establishment and a customer, if suchservice is disti <br />or characterized by an emphasis on Specified Sexual Activities or <br />Anatomical Areas. <br />the <br />non - <br />s items <br />ape, or <br />Picture <br />ses has <br />is floor <br />.asis on <br />r live <br />!d or <br />ption <br />Adult Conversatio p Parlor. An esi ablishment or bus' ss which pro 'des the <br />service of engaging in or listening to cor versation, talk, or di cussion, if sud i service <br />is distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on Specified Sexual Ac ' 'ties or <br />Specified Anatomical Areas. <br />Adult Health/Sport Club. An establishnent or business which excludesors by <br />reason of age and is distinguished or characterized by an emphasis onf <br />ecified <br />Sexual Activities or Specified Anatomical Areas. <br />Adult Hotel or Motel. A hotel or motel <br />from patronage and wherein materiz <br />characterized by an emphasis on matter <br />Sexual Activities or Specified Anatomic <br />Adult Mini -Motion Picture Theater. <br />capacity for less than 50 persons i <br />characterized by an emphasis on Spe <br />Areas for observation by patrons the <br />2 <br />)m which minors <br />is presented whi <br />U Areas. <br />building or portio <br />for presenting m. <br />3 Sexual Activities <br />-e specifically xcluded <br />h is distingushed or <br />or relating to pecified <br />of a buildin with a <br />terial distin shed or <br />r Specified An tomical <br />