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hwMINNESOTA <br />SUN <br />1pl1BLJCA7K)fdS <br />AFFIDAVIT IOF PUBLICAT <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA) <br />SS. <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN) <br />Dona I d W. Th u r I ow , being duly <br />the publisher or authorized agent and employee of the publish <br />Edina Sun -Current ,and hast <br />stated below. <br />(A) The newspaper has complied with all of the requirements constituting <br />as provided by Minnesota Statute 331A.02, 331A.07, and other applicable <br />(B) The printed Ordinanc� No. 1993-12 <br />m on an oath says that <br />of the newspaper I <br />Knowledge of the facts <br />as a qualified <br />as amended. <br />C" <br />(Of kW Patdkadon) <br />CITY OF. EDINA <br />n 11 T <br />11" AN SUM <br />RDINANCE Na UW12 <br />�T jYAA02AARB� INANDRIVECE - <br />OHN <br />COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NNESOTA, ORDAINS: <br />The roadway from Braemar <br />to the Braemar Golf Course <br />herebynamed Harris Drtw. <br />effective <br />Or�dioWa"WI D rAApr111,19K <br />mayor <br />9 is M. DAEHN <br />city <br />(Feb. 16,1994) -ED <br />as <br />are <br />which is attached was cut from the columns of said newspaper, and was prin Do and published once eac i week, <br />for one successive weeks; it was first published on We d n e s a , the 16 day <br />of February, 19--9A:--, and was thereafter printed and published or eery to <br />and including ,the day of , 19 -;and printed low is <br />a copy of the lower case alphabet from A to Z, both) inclusive, which is here cknowledged as being a size <br />and kind of type used in the composition and publication of the notice: <br />ak,defgtu�lmnopgistuvwxyz <br />BY: <br />TITLE: Publisher <br />Acknowledged before me on this <br />16 dayof February;', 19 94 <br />C1 fn A,;; <br />7'uo _ i-"-LF!uA � f.': HFDBLOM <br />�'i.''Pi"ticSJTA <br />1 i� '�rl',! G INTY <br />- �e. ��ss <br />RATE INFORMATION <br />(1) Lowest classified rate paid by commercial users $ 1.60 per line <br />for comparable space (Line, word, or inch rate) <br />(2) Maximum rate allowed by law for the above mater $ 6• r line <br />(Line, word, or inch rate) <br />(3) Rate actually charged for the above matter $ ine <br />(Line, word, or inch rate) <br />