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2 <br />I <br />The cormcil met at the council room snd vas call& to o&ar by the President, <br />allmeinbsrs being present. R.C,lioore requested to reconsider the matter of lay%% <br />out and openins a road two rods wide along the north ana south center line of <br />%e north vest qnartsr of section 8 tomship 116 ranse 21in accordaslco mitb EL petition filed with tBe council in 1917, The matter ms referad nith the Road <br />and Bride coxnittee, <br />two others naked for 8 didmlk on the Weot side of France z <br />avenue from 44th street to Morningside Road, Theyvere reqaested to present 9. <br />$atition at tho &y meeting, togethernith cz.r;rliver of the rights of the pmpertg omers to lay their am walk. <br />EI,S.Sc&cX and A*E&iller requested the council to do some work on the dross rod kyim as the Code road. Thsy stated ehalt; the road vas in bad condition ana <br />needed considerable work, It nar~ refered to tho rod and bridge colmnittee. <br />A petition ms presented for a sidewalk onElmer awenu6 from LIOdngsida <br />Road to a point 500 feet north of the inteyssction of mer avenue 8.~~3 Uorrmi~sid@ <br />ROE@. Said sidemlls to be laid on the nest side of Elmer avenuee %he petition <br />tlss refered to the road and bridge cornittee nith inatructbns that they take . <br />up th0 matter of the grade on 3ber avenue with the proper* omers. <br />chnped in Broendala avenue ana requeoting %bat the ashes be rei310~ed~ He ale0 <br />Paqnaatod that a load or tvo of gravel be pUe on that portion of Bromdale <br />avenne in the Vill8ge of Edina. It vas refered to the road and bridge copidtee, <br />The street conmissioners reposlt fop.the year ending %rch 319% 1918 was ped <br />shoninp a total elrpexdittrse on the roado of $5774.91 . Onmotion of 'hwtea <br />Vassey the report waa accepted. <br />Tne folloviw com&ttees vem appoin'ecd. Road asld Bridge cornittee, Geo Do <br />Vessey, S.C.IIerrett and Paul Tiind,- Committee on Lights, C,B.Pancey, Paul Rim3 <br />a31rg B.'P+Emerson,- <br />The Board of Health was appointed ea follow:- Dr. James Blake Health Officer <br />for one year, James 1. Ilelaneg member of the board of health for bo yeam, <br />Pelvin Grimes member of the bosnd of health for three years. <br />On motion Goo S. Grimes was appointed Village attorney, A.O.BjorRlmLd anat <br />'i?.E,Code =ere appointed Justices of the Peace for the term of one year, Bo% <br />Jackson and Clarence Samuelson were appointed Constables for one year.iln <br />motfon of Pmstae Vessey the Hemepin County Enterprise va3 designated aa the <br />offieial paper for the year, <br />It was on motion decicled to cast an informal ballot for the nomination of <br />Street comissioner. Flve ballots were cast a3 fol1ons:- V.S-Joy received. thee <br />votos and H,J.&adsen received bo votes. Tmstee Veosey made 8 motion to elect <br />the Street Corartissioner by ballot, Tho motSon prevailed. Five bsllots nere Cast <br />of which three were for TE,S.Joy and tno were for 3,JT,hudsena 't'i,S.Joy raceiviag <br />tihe higheat number of votes ma declaped elected Street comisafoner. <br />, dollars il day aad tbt he hold his om plw, men md tsms be paid six ($6.00) <br />dollars a a337 ad mea be paid three ($3.00) dollars a day, and that nine hours <br />constitute a days work. The motion m~ seconded by Trustee Find an8 mi5 carries. <br />employed as foad Patrolman for the Village of Edina at EL salary of $150.00 pep <br />month from the 1st day of Hay 1918 to the 1st day of Eovembor 1918; one Wlf <br />of sa1a.k.g to be pafd b3 the Villee of Edimna and one half of said salary to be <br />paid by the Coun%y Board of Hemepin County, The duties of said Road Patrolman <br />nlll be to do road nork on roads designated by the Villa,@ Council and approved <br />by the County Board. Said Road Patrolman to devote all of his time with team to <br />ssid,norlr, Ematee Vesaey moved that the resolution be adopted. The notionme <br />carried. <br />The question 03' grading Sunnyside avenne from Francs avenue to the East side <br />of Berkley Heights ms t&en up and aBsr some discussion Trustee Vessey male 8 <br />motion tBaQ, a special meeting be called for April 27th at eight o'clock P,& for <br />tbe pxwpose of taking up tho matter of the grade with Rin. Fairbairn and other <br />Snterested pamPtieo. The clerk vas instructed to notify the surveyor to E%:G 8 sur- <br />voy anit cross section Snnnyside avenue, giving the nlimbep of yard3 of dirt to <br />be moved running a straight grads from France awemo to connect nith the street <br />8s graded in Berkley Heights, also eatimatsng on a level grade fron Fsa~nca <br />avenue 125 ft. nest and rnrming a straight grade frcrm that point to connect nith <br />tbe stmet 83 graded in Berkley Hei@tsm %he engineer %o have his profile & <br />cmaa section of tho proposed grading, ready to submit at the special meeting, Trustee Herrett de a motion to have a special meeting satur8ay By 4th to <br />take UP tbe question of widoniw Brookside avenue from 7th street in Broo2side <br />. <br />J,C,Pearce <br />A letternas received from Leon Hansonn complaining of ashes that hd beex 1c <br />Trustee Vessey =de a motion that the Street Commissioner be paid four ($LOO) <br />The clerk presented the following resolution,- RESOLVED, 'Phat H.J.&udsen be