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.. <br />April 13th continued. <br />Trustee Wind made a motion that the'tbe of meetings be changed to eight <br />On motion of Trustee Vessey the Clerks salary was set at &LOO a month <br />The following bills were audited and allowed. <br />o'e1ock P.11. during the swrrmer months. Carried. <br />to be paid quarterly. <br />Epls Gen Electric Co. <br />Geo Pape <br />Walter S. Booth & Son <br />Justus Lbr. Co. <br />Pockrandt Lbr Co <br />Edina Grocery <br />Geo J. Silk <br />F.K.Willson <br />h. Quim <br />H,V*StdW <br />J. T,Dalaney <br />J . P. Hans en <br />Paul Wind <br />S.C.Herrstt <br />Vm. Wiltgen <br />Geo. D. Vcssey <br />Vim. Gleeson <br />State Bank of Eopkins <br />D.F.WGuire <br />Peter Berhoes <br />Geo Herrett <br />Walstedt <br />bIack Peterson <br />Street lights 113,76 d <br />Nanuels & blanks 5.48 d <br />Lumber 3.75 v Coal for poor 9.75 v' <br />Printing etc. 49.53 d <br />Janitor 8050 <br />Groceries for poor 5.64 c." <br />Hall rent 4'7.00 !# <br />Clerk of election 3060 <br />Clerk of election 3060 L' <br />Judge of electfon 3060 -6 <br />Judge of election- 3.60 b' <br />Committee work etc 10.00 *f <br />Cornittee work ete 14.25 V <br />Clearing snow 5.50 L' <br />Clearing snow etc 36.96 f <br />Clearing snw 4.66 r/ <br />Treasurer & Clerks Bond 22,50 L/ <br />Clearing snow 29.08 ,' <br />Clearing snow 34.63 <br />Clearing snow 62.00 c <br />Clearing snow 27.50 <br />T&al---------- 490.99 <br />Clearing snow 2.10 c <br />There being no further business $he meeting was adjourned antif Bpi1 27th 1918 <br />at 8 Q'OlOOkP,& <br />c