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Uimtes ole th0 procee&w.of the Billage Counofl.of the Village <br />of Ed- at an adjourned meeting thereof held on the 27th of April 1918 <br />!the meeting vas called to oPder by the President a& all members <br />B.B,l?hompson from EorningsTde stated that some sarplus dirt,mhich <br />mere present. <br />had been taken from a basemen$?, vould be given to the Village if th837 would pnt it on Grimes avenne just north of 44th sPrreet and also . <br />rseqtzested that a little grading be done on Grimes avenue Prom 44th <br />street nopth, The matter was refered to the Rod & Bridge cornnittee. <br />Eomiagside Road, requesting tbt the inside boulevam3 on the soath side <br />of XoPnSngside Road between Eakon, Placet and G~imes aveme be made 18 inches <br />midep so that the sideval., vhen laid, voula be on a line with the side- <br />valk east of Baton Place, Trustee Vessey mde a motion that the request of <br />the petitioners be granted and that the inside boulemra on the south <br />side of Xiorningsicle Road bebeen Eaton Place and Grimes avenue be made <br />four and one blf feet wide. Yhe motion was carried. <br />east line of Brekley ReigMs was talrea up and Geo Ha Budd the Villa+p <br />engineer, submitted the following figures. In running a straight grade <br />from France avenue to %be east line of Berkley Heights there mould ba <br />3150 yarols of airt to move, and in rurming a grade level vith Fmnca Ase. <br />fop a distance of 125 feet and 8 straight grade from that point to the <br />east line of BerUey Heights there would be 1250 yaMs more or 4400 yards <br />of dirt to move, <br />!There vere a mmBer of residents 02 Berlcley Hieghts present at the <br />meeting an8 they argued'strong3y for the grading of Snmyside avenue as <br />soon 8s possible as it vas a great necessity and in iP;s pressnti comlitioa <br />it was almost impossi'ble to use it, <br />Gm. Fairbairn was present ~'lith his attomeg and as 'tho proposed <br />grading is entirely and vholly thrmgh his property Xr, Pairbairn staPted <br />that he wanted the surplus dirt deposited on the north side of the <br />stroeet and onto his property. Er Fairbairn contended that %here vas a <br />jog In the street and that Smnyside avenue as platted in Ravelaniil Park <br />aoes not join squarly with Sazlflgside avenne as pilatted in Beraey Heigbts <br />and that there is a jog of -Welve and one half feet at the mest side of <br />his proporty, He f?zrthsr stated that if the Village deposited the surplurJ <br />dirt from Sqside avenue onto his property immediately ~102th of the <br />s%met he vould not claim any damages but if the Village haula the dirt <br />elsewhem, vhich he claims they have no rigbt to do, he mould ask an8 <br />claim damages. <br />8 straight grade from that point to connect'vith the grad& portion in <br />BerkXQy Heights, bat he finally %reed to accept a gradual gm3s a12 the <br />way %hPOUgh. <br />settlement of the grade of Sumyside avenue m%il the, adjourned masting <br />of the council to be held saturday Uy 4th at the school house. <br />The question of the disposition of the dirt from Swnysiae avenae <br />vas refered to the road and bridge committibe to be reported at the meeting; <br />Cn motion the meeting adjourned to &y 4th at 8 o'c1ocfrP.LT. at <br />the school house, <br />A petitionnas presented, signed by eight property owners on <br />!be qnestion of grading Sunnyside avenue from France avenue to the <br />Ere Fairbairn ststad that he mould like Pro bve the gmde of Sumysidei. <br />avenue run ob 8 levelaith Fmnce avenue for a distance of 100 feet <br />On motion of %matee Vsasey it vas decided to leave the final <br />nr 4th. <br />/