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5 <br />Uinutes of the proceedings of the V&Plage Council of the Village <br />of Edina, at an adjourned meetfrig thereof held on the 4th of &y 1918, <br />2he Village Council met at the school house in an adjourn& meeting <br />amriz was called to oardle~ by tho President, A11 members mere present. <br />The Village engineer, Geo H Bndd, prssented.a plat showing the extension <br />of the west line of Brookside avenue,as platted in Brookside Terrace, to <br />the Interlachen Boulevasd, The plat deaigna$ea the amount of' lam3 which would <br />be talrea Prom John Jorgensen, G.LLSachs an$. %.V.€Iarris by regson of the videnixg <br />of Brookaide aveme from '7th stkeet to the Jnterlachen Boulevard. <br />Kr. Jorgenwm, En Sachs and Er. Harris mere present at the meeting and <br />the matter of damages was discussed, Each one safd that he vas not prepared <br />to state the mount of damages they mould ask but would be prapared. to give <br />their figures at the next regular meeting of the couneil on Saturday Xay 11th. <br />The Road ana Bridge c4mmittee reported on the disposition of the surplus <br />dirt to be moved in grading Sunnyside avenue and stated that in their opinion <br />it mould be better to dispose: of the surplus dirt onto h. Fairbairn's <br />property immediately north of an& adjaeent to Surnnyside avenue as it mould <br />cost too muck to haul the dirt on France avenue north and bhey recomen4ed <br />tliat the surplus dirt be dumped ohto Fairbairn's property noPth of Sunnyside <br />avenue and that the grade of Sunmyside avenue be rde a straight grade from <br />France avenue to connect with that part of Sqside avenue as platted in <br />Berlrley Heights. On motion the report anti seccomendations of the committee <br />mere accepted and adopted, <br />the council to ignore the existance of a J0g.h the street at Berkley Heights <br />andl to grade straight; .from France avenue to connect with the Smyside avenue <br />89 platted in Berkley @eigh%s, He drafted. an agreement,mhich the clerk vas to <br />have signs13 by Xr, Be Era. Faiy%airn on that basis. <br />Geo S Grimes, the Village attorney mas present at the meettinit and advised <br />There being no further business the meeting adjoumec8.