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Skq 11th continued <br />7 <br />The folloving resolution was passed. lVBEREAS, the road ere17 have asked that <br />they be paid twice a month for their work a& mereas, the cost of living has <br />increased ani3 the length of credit has been shortened aad mereas 1% io ha^ to <br />get a road cmw on account of the scarcetg 03 labor and trancients vi11 no& work if <br />they have to wait a month for their wages, Xow TPlereforu Be it RESOLVED by the <br />Village Cowoil of the Village of Etiilla that the clerk be End he is hereby <br />authorized and mponrared to issue orclers semi-monthly to the road cmw according <br />to the time book of the Strset eonmissioner and that the oouncil shall m%ify <br />the payments at the next regular m&#ting of the coUaeilr <br />George D Veasey, S.C.FfematG and Paul Vind vere appointed Ju.dgas am3 <br />B.T.Emeraon and C,B.Yancey were appointed Clerks for the Primary Election. <br />Trustee Vind -de a motion that the clerk be instructed to purcWse two <br />new ballot boxes before the. Frimariea, Carried. <br />Trustee Vind made a motion that there be 3s bullitin bifiards 3ft by 3 ft and <br />four danger sipp2ls made and that Wesley Rutledge be employed to me ana paint <br />them. The motion prevailed.. <br />The report of the road amd bridge comnittee was read and accepted. <br />Bills were aditca and allowed as follows. <br />Albssrt Antlerson <br />Uorris luaylsen <br />Uock Peterson <br />Jmes <br />A Smuelsara <br />Grog Tmcy <br />Geo Hesrett <br />Claw Johnson <br />Ed BBerglmd <br />Hpls Geii Else Co <br />Jo1m Rorrison <br />Geo H Budd <br />We S JOY <br />Ro& vork <br />19 <br />tf <br />1l <br />E <br />tl <br />lt <br />11 <br />?l <br />SP, Commissioner <br />Street Lights <br />Gravel <br />Garades and surveys <br />Committee n0X-k <br />6*00$ <br />3.72 V’ <br />114.00 $4 <br />114.00 -1 <br />89.00 y/ <br />a7,oo 11’ <br />54.00 \/’ <br />33600 <br />14.48 ,.r‘ <br />76.00 d <br />56,85 d <br />41 85 \-’ <br />70.00 4 <br />P2,OO u‘ <br />Thoro Wing no further business