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Procoeaings of EL spclalmeoting of tho Pillage Council of <br />Village of Edine. <br />me council met at the hall for the purpose of opening bids for sidmald <br />on Elmen. Avenue and vas callsd to order bg the president. 811 mm%ers being <br />present. <br />!&vo bids vere received 8s follwsp <br />John 3r Peterson t Son 81 cents 8 yarct for sidewalk I <br />Cerlson & Johnson <br />CUT% & Gu%ten: ana ($1.80 a yard for CTOSS~I~S. <br />90 ceWs a yard for.sidmaUr, 43 cents a fool for <br />Trustee Hsrrett =de a motion that the clerk be instmcted to fina out <br />Psterson h Sons figures for Curb B Gutter and crossings and if he vas 8s <br />lov as Carlson and Johnson that Peterson and Son be arraxtled *Be contmct <br />Capri ea. <br />There being no further business the meeting adjourned. 9JU- <br />8