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NIBUTES OF THE ~OCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR <br />IIEETII\TG HELD ON JUNE 6, 1918. <br />The meetlng 'PES called to order by the president, B. T. <br />Emersont all members being prespnt . <br />The rnenutes of the meeting of Elhag lltht nere mad and, on ~o%fon, approved, as read, <br />The committee to nhom was refe-sred. the matter of' sidemllr on. E;rool.;sfde Avenue north of the PSinneapolis and St. 'Paul Su- burbzn Rs i1my right-of-vay , recomnended that the sid-emlk re- <br />qtaested bs laid on the table until St, Louis 'Park laic? their sizlevKLk to comiect with sameo <br />The Road end Brige Commi-Ltee sneported on a request for gmveLlhg ~CTOSE Brookside Avenue north of' the Dan Patch Sta- tion, and recotmended that the sme be done. <br />Frs.nce kvenus 2"rom 44th Street 4;o It'farningslde Road mas, on <br />maelon passed, and the Clerk vas instructed to gel, %he Engineer to dran pPalls and speclficatf.ons for a retaining rail in 2mnt of Lho -property of' G. 'c7. FiIQSS. <br />J. IT. Irlrrcdonald requested gravel on Hankerson Avenue from r'ni,epJ-pchen Boulevard to a paint one block south. Th6 matter TJm on mstfon referred to the Road and. Bridge COriixtL'ttee. <br />SGvenYn Street to Intepfachen Boulevard was discussed; and the <br />~oad 731th %he property owners effected on the basis ai' a €'iBt~ foot s',rset <br />A resoltatLon for a six foot sldevralk on the vest side of <br />Tne mat%er' of damages for widening Brookside Avenue from <br />eride Goriwift"r;ee ms authorized $0 take the m~tter pp <br />YT, 5. Joy, ro~d rrork <br />-.ip?s. GenO1 Elec. Go, street ligh <br />G~o~qs S . Giii--ces , attorney fees Bs-pte1~on Bron, supplies V, 3. Rtrel.gdgo, bulletin board George Q. essey, committee nork <br />C. B. Y~ncq~ sala-ry and plats F. T. Emerson9 comm33ttee EorR s. c. ~~eppct'i;, committee work <br />George :.erm?ett, road patrolman <br />?- .t ing - <br />et C <br />8 15 OOd <br />25 0O.f <br />10 50: 28 0Ov' <br />61 33,; 61 33d <br />61 33 v' <br />40 89ri <br />56 SS> <br />130 001. <br />3.8 B5u 22 80J 30 5011 - 75 00.' <br />10 50v- <br />90 50v 75 OOJ <br />Theye be-ing no furthep business meeting adjourned,