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10 <br />The meetling ws called to order by the President, B. T. Zmerson, a11 members being present, <br />The mlriutss of the meetlng June 8th vePe read and, on mo*LionB <br />John A. Petemon, sidenalk contraotor, mat vith the councf9 <br />approved as read. <br />and --t-ook up the matter of 8 re%;ainZng rra3.L on .the vest skde of France Averme, and stated that in h%s opinion he ‘thought thaL coneretie blocks Tzould a betkep loakfng nal1 khan the pour- <br />ed concrete, On motion of s. C, HermtP, the ma-l;Ple~ VBS set aside for consldcratlon. <br />The committee to vhom ‘218s referred the matter of aster- tafning damages for the widening of Brookside Avenue f~om SetrenLh Street to Interlachen Boulevard reported that Ikssrs . Hamis Sachs and Joqpnsen would meet with the Council ~nd sumhi% the-ir figupes on the basis of a fif%y foot street. <br />The PollovTing figures were giyen: John Jorgensen f~?OO,UO, G. ?I. Sachs $lQOs@O, E. ‘17. Herr&? \;400,00, <br />The COUnC€l mde the folloving estimate Or d8mEgeS the <br />basis OP extending the vest line of Brookside Wenue as p’atlCt~.Q in Brookslde Twrace from Seventh Street to Interlachen Boul- evard: John Jorgensen $1,000.00, G. BI. Sachs $250,00, E. I?. Earrfs ~300,QO. <br />The estimaw for a fifty foot street rneasurtmg from the Dan Patch fence: John Jorgsnsen $40O,0Op G, II, Sachs “:5O,UO, E, $7. Harrfs $lOO,@O,