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- 2.2 <br />G. IT. Sachs submftted f'i wres fop damages on Brookside Avenueo stating that he vould accept &'5*00 for 8 fifty foot ro8dray, measured from 'the Dcin Patch fence, E. V. Ha-rris stated 2rhLL he could not conslcrier the figmas offered by 'the Council. <br />President 3. T. Emerson left the meeting and T14usLee Vcs- <br />The s.ridth of Brookside Avenue was discussod and Trustee <br />sey vas appofn%ed temporary chairman. <br />Herref;% made a motion -tiha% the GZwk fastruct the erng2neei.l -Lo loca-i;e the Dan Patch fence to determfne definieely r&etheT 2% <br />vas on the vest lXne of the right-of-my bst'i7een Seventh b-treaL and I~~%eQlachcn J3oulevaml. fbtion carried, <br />The Eol?,c?t-iin,g bills vere audited and allowed: <br />Road patrolman <br />Road rrorlc <br />Road Vork <br />Road vork <br />Road T7ork <br />Road nark , Road vork Road wwk <br />Road aork Road ~ork Road work Road noiik Road rrork <br />Road nork Road mrk <br />Rea@ vork Rozd aork Roaall rrork Road rrork <br />Road work <br />As s cs s Tng Steel culverts