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TEIXTJTiS OF TIE PJjOCEEDIlTGS <br />OF TE-IE VILLAGE OF EDLXA AT <br />E3LD OCTOBER loth, 1918. <br />The meet%ng BBS called to order by the President, E. T. <br />The &-nv.%es of the mee%lng of Sep.tclnbea? 14th mre read and <br />George Budd, the surveyor, presented 8 mp of Brookside <br />Enerson, all members being present except Paul Tlfnd. <br />on motion approved as read. <br />Avenue from Seventh Stmct to Interlachen Eoulevard, shorkng the <br />vfdth Lo be 68.4 feet from the Dan Patch fence to the nest 1Sne of B-rookside Avenue at Seven%h Street, and 67.2 feet from the <br />Dan Patch fence to the west line OS Brookside Avenue extended <br />at Interlachen Boulevwd. <br />and Trustee Herrett mde a motion that, the r~idth of Brookside Avenue be laid on the table uyltil the full council ms present, lrotion carried. <br />The auestfon of' the rridth of Brookside Avenue 173s diacu.ssed <br />The Clerk presented a requesL from F. C. Penneg, in :? pennag asked to have some vork done on the road be'tvesn Sections 7 and 18, Twp 116, Range 21, leadlng into his place, as the roi?,d FBS impassable under extstfng condikions. <br />mittee meet rxth I@. Penney at the location of the foad he de- s-ired improved ::ondqt October 14th, at 1 o'c7,ock p. m, Yo- tron carried. <br />Tpus'tee Besseg made a moPtion that the Road and Bridge Com- <br />A petition mas read from El. Be Rasmussen, asking for the rading of Forty-Fifth Street r7est of Grimes Avenue. The pe- &tion ras referred to the road and bridge ccimittea. <br />Tlzs folloving bills were audated and allomed: <br />Robert Tatson <br />37. Bektschart Jazes Ryan <br />;Tack Peterson <br />A. Bettschart <br />George Eerrett Bren Rros. Vm. Bettsc'knart <br />James Ryan <br />Xack Petsron V. S, Joy <br />C, B. Yancqr Russell Grade-r Xfg Co :.Ell er-De vis Ca . Bertelson Bros James Blake <br />~~1s. Gen'l Elec. Co, George HerretPl <br />77. S. JOY- <br />-* <br />Road rro& cr. q 18 oo/' <br />78 OO? <br />30 O@ 1,' !I 0 <br />11 It 72 00 ,i <br />it it 48 001 <br />9 001, <br />75 00) Comiissioners supplies 5 30, Road t*rork 27 0068 72 OOf <br />72 QOt/ <br />48 OOj <br />tI It <br />lt n <br />It lt <br />1t tl <br />It rt <br />11 II <br />Salary 46 00 Repatrs 7 75d Eye1e.S; %chine 8 60 :' Supplies 3.5 lo 11 Board of Health 50 00 I/ Street LTghting trro moiiths 113 76 1.4 Road Patrolman 75 00 11 <br />There beZng no fu~r%her busfness tneeting adjourned to 0c-L. <br />l5%h, at 8 p. m.