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The meeting cas called $0 order by %he Prss€d,en?P;, B. To J3rnerson, all mmtbms being prosent, <br />The minutes of the mee%%ng of OcP,alaer 10th and of tkte Special1 meeting of October 15"Lh nere read andj on rnotLonB <br />approved e <br />The committee to whom was referred the matter of getting 8 sett1,ement for damages for the opening of &ookside Avenue fnncsm Seventh S%reet La Interolachen Boulevard, reported that Jolm <br />Jopgensen vould accep-b $475.00 and gZve %he v€llag:e the p~5wl- lege of slapLng four fee% from the fifty k'ooP, lins onto hls property, In lieu of a retaining wall, <br />Lb'otlon carried, <br />Trustee Vffind rmde a motion that the figures be accepled, <br />Trustee Herre%% made amotion that G, ?I. Sacks be offered <br />$50.00 damages and E. V, Hawls $126.00 dmages,bl'he mslLon carried, <br />changed' to three o'cfwk fn tho tkfi~xm~on, LfoL2on ca.r~T@d, <br />hired by %$e CBurrcfS for the vinter monP,h. IlaLfon mrr1eddQ <br />meals of %he c32sctfon board, Llfo"r;fon carrred, <br />TrusLee Vessey made a mo-tion %ha% the time of' meettSng be <br />Trustee Vessey made a mot;i-on %ha% there be a janftor <br />Trustee Herre%% made a motisn that the v%llag~ pay for tho <br />8. S. Joy <br />I!fa clr P et ers on James Ryan 'cilin. Bettscah~t <br />Tm. 3ettscha.rt <br />Jzmes Ryan <br />Uack Peterson E. Ueber George Rerrett Bertelson Bros. F, J. Kokesh <br />Justus Lumber Go. <br />S. C, Eermtt I?, S. Ffselior C. B, Ymcey Paul 8ind <br />George Vessey R, S. Jackson J. L, Ru:Lledge J, E, Se.ntee J, -1:. "Taedonalc? <br />B, T. Emerson <br />Tf. s. Say <br />I Xppls. Gen'l Elec. coo <br />tt rt <br />11 rt <br />Road patrohm RQad VOrk <br />rt n <br />1) I? <br />It tt <br />If It <br />I! It <br />Road patrolmsn Supplies Co~mZssioners supp%%es Lumber Strset Ilghtfng Xlection Election ElectTon Election El ect 3. on Election Election Eleckion El e cP, i on Electfon <br />There belng no fv-pther business the meetfng adjourned,